Saturday, February 17, 2018


I made more shirts! They’re just so easy and cute on. 

I love the sparkle blue on and unicorn the most. For Valentine’s Day I made Eliza a little pouch from the unicorn fabric. To match the little purse I got her. 

I really just wanted to do something silly for Valentine’s and we got her a giant teddy. She loves to cuddle and snuggle and I thought she would love having it in her bed. 

Dave knocked on the door and hid. It was really cute how excited she was. She drags him all around. As I write this she’s sitting on his lap on the couch. 

We had a day of not winter temperatures. Eliza wanted to live it up. 

And this next two weeks nails. 

It’s supposed to change color but I’ve used hot and cold and I really don’t see a difference. 
Our local shoe store was having a warehouse sale. I got these sandals for $28 total! And Clarks! My favorite! Now I can’t wait for the warmer temps!!!

Eliza and my niece were playing with makeup in her room. Eliza has always been great with makeup. She sticks to her face. Oy! When you get two 4 year olds you get this!!! Ahahaha it was on their arms, feet, necks! It took a ton of scrubbing to get it off. They said they were wild cats. 

Thursday, February 08, 2018

More shirts!

I made some more shirts. Again Shirt no.1 from 100 Acts Of Sewing

The dress is Dress no.2 also from Sonya. My favorite is the grey flower one. It’s slightly cropped and rayon from 
Cotton + Steel from Pintuck and Purl  my favorite store. 

Yesterday I made the  Pearl Wallet from Swoon. 

It was super confusing to me. I ended up finding a YouTube video someone made that helped me in the really sticky spots. I love the result. It’s hard to show in picture but the linen has silver sparkle in it. The cat (ugh yes upside down! I said it was confusing!) have little pink cheeks. I did hot pink stitching to try and tie it all together. 

My latest nails. I wanted something Valentiney. It’s
Bubble Bath by Opi. I am in love with milky pink color. 
Honestly. I don’t really know much about my serger. I’ve had it for 4 years and use it constantly. But I don’t know anything about straight lines. I finish all my seams with it. And I always make a huge mess with what it cuts off. 
The other day I saw my mil had a bin on hers! Why didn’t I have a bin? This is life changing! No more thread vomit?! I looked around to find something the right size and made it all fancy with packing tape.  Funny how something so simple can change everything. 

If you’re cautious about why the rainbow thread. Yes I use like that. I started doing it to try and learn about the machine. I tried to match the thread colors to the colors on the machine. I love how it looks in my garments so I don’t bother changing it to match. Seams are inside anyways. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

I made some shirts

I got in some sewing for myself today. I used the shirt no.1 pattern from 100 acts of sewing. I signed up for the free 2 week trial of Creative Bug and took Sonya Philip’s class to make the shirt. 
The first one ended up being too big but not so much as I can’t wear it. The fabric is Cotton and Steel. I’m kinda obsessed with their stuff. 

For the second one I went down a size but kept the sleeves and hem the same length. It fits much better. 

I also hemmed it with some bias I made! 

Bias tape had always been something that I couldn’t make successfully. I don’t know why it’s always been so hard. It is a very simple concept. You cut strips and put them together. But somehow I ALWAYS forked it up. I followed this 
tutorial from Colette. And suddenly I finally could do it! I made a bunch the other day. 

Hadn’t posted my nails last week! Here they are. 

Think that was my favorite. The chrome I had previously lasted over 2 weeks! No issue! This is right before I changed it. I could of gone longer but I had the rare opportunity of a couple kid free hours so I jumped on it. 

I bought the kid some makeup to play with at her vanity she got for Christmas. She’s been giving everyone makeovers. 

We went to a birthday party last week. Eliza is madly in love with the birthday girl. Between my 4 closest friends we have 10(?) kids and Eliza has always been the only girl. She’s so happy to have a “little girlie” 

She’s just so snuggleable! 

I introduced the kid to the amazing world of shrinky dinks! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sew fancy

Just finished this dress. It’s the R├ęglisse from Deer and Doe.

It was a super easy make. I really like the gathers at the shoulder. It’s a fun detail. I was supposed to turn the hem bias under but I liked how it looked like this. The pattern is from a French maker and the instructions are minimal. Extremely minimal. But they’re good enough to figure it out. I think I might prefer it. Usually pattern makers make it more complicated then it needs to be. 

My issues were my fault. I accident cut the smallest size for skirt and it didn’t go over my head. I mean it was probably a 2 and I’m a 12. I had to add panels to the side to fix it because I didn’t have more of this fabric, nor could I get it. The top is a size or two too big but again that’s my fault. I just guessed at sizing.  

I will make it again. I will make the top a little smaller and shorten the arm holes. I will also add pockets!!!

Made Eliza and I matching infinity scarves this weekend too. It’s one of the new knits from 
Cotton + Steel that I picked up at Pintuck and Purl this weekend. 

What’s it like where you are? We have a snow day today!