Monday, March 30, 2015

Can you dupe it?

The word dupe is thrown around when it comes to makeup often. Many of the most popular "cult following" products from the high end cosmetics have a drug store "dupe". While I am a total DIYer in my non makeup life, I've always extended that to find affordable options to more expensive options. 

But let's be real, sometimes you just can't duplicate or the quality is just much better than the drugstore or cheaper options. Sometimes it's the same thing. 

We buy the brand name Advil with Sodium because nothing works as well as it does. But Tylenol? Always buy the generic. 

Edited to add: Dave has very reactive skin between his eyes, on his lids and a spot on his neck. For 15 plus years I would see it flare up and see Dave's embarrassment when someone mentioned it. One day a Sephora employee approached and told him about First Aid Beauty face lotion. zomg! Life changing. Expensive too. We tried all the drug store options containing oatmeal. Nothing works like this for him. Nothing. Another example where it doesn't pay to shell out looking for dupes. He buys two tubs a year and he hasn't had a flare up in years. 

What's the point? As a stay at home mom with a family on a budget I can't always get the fancy makeup. It's regulated to upswings in my business and holidays. 

Enter Nars Orgasm. With spring possibly, maybe, coming. (It snowed this morning) I am feeling the draw to peachy colors   I took 10 wonderful alone minutes to run into Sephora the other day. I didn't have to watch any tiny fingers grabbing at anything so I went around looking for inspiration. 

I went to Nars and swatched some Orgams. (That sentence made me cringe) I have tried it a million times before. I never bought it though because I had a small free Super Orgasm by Nars. I never wear it because it has huge chunky glitter fallout. Hate! Hate! But the color is gorgeous. 

I hit up the drugstore and picked up the $3 ELF blush and bronzer in Saint Lucia. I read on a million sites it was a good dupe. For $3 why not! Even if it wasn't identical the color was nice. 


So in comparison to Super Orgasm which differs in regular Orgasm by having chunky awful glitter, ELF is much more peach with a great golden glow. The Nars being much more pink and less of a gold sheen. But honestly I think the color is going to work better for me and my red head freckles. I also noticed the Nars one with the huge glitter fell off my hand almost immediately. Maybe I'll give it another chance after all. 

While I was at it I compared it to my favorite "blush" ever, Bobbi Brown Bronzer in Antigua. It's sold as a bronzer so many pale ladies might just pass it by and not even notice it. I know I always did cause until a few years ago the bronzer market sucked for us vampires. But man this one is so so so gorgeous. My mom went out and bought it too. She's all about drugstore but it's just that good. It's similar to Nars but a deeper terra cotta-ness to it. 

Then I just dug through my makeup to see if anything else was like it. The only thing I came up with was Flush by Makeup Forver in the Color & Contour palette. 

It looks similar in pan but on its totally different. 

Not even close on. Much more brown and no shimmer to it either. 

Woah that's a lot of words to compare blush. Some of you who are friends with me on Facebook know about my dad getting hurt and is in the hospital. I plan to write up a big post about that but I just ask can you all cross your fingers and send some healing mojo his way. He has a brain injury along with a bunch of broken bones. 

Would anyone be interested in more makeup reviews? I have a list in my Filofax of stuff I think would be neat to review...

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Can I do my own pest control?

Can I do my own pest control, instead of hiring an expert?
You have discovered an army of ants in your home. Surely you can just deal with the situation yourself, right? The answer is that it’s really not that simple.
Despite the fact that you can put pest control into a search engine, and discover all sorts of advice on how to rid your home of pests, there are certain things that you are never going to be able to do as well as experts like Pest control experts are trained to ensure that pest problems are dealt with safely and efficiently.

Why isn’t non-professional pest control a good idea?

The first question you have to ask yourself is do you really know what type of pest you are dealing with? It’s unlikely you are going to be able to precisely pinpoint the pest that has invaded your home, with the same accuracy that the experts can. Correct identification of the pest is vital in order to determine the best method of treatment. Once this decision has been made that pest control professionals also know exactly how to carry out treatments whilst adhering to safety procedures; it’s highly unlikely that you do.
Professionals also have experience of dealing with lots of different situations. If there is someone living in your home who is pregnant, or if there are children living there, wouldn’t you like to ensure that you have all the best safety aspects covered? It makes sense to speak to someone who has the knowledge to rid your home of pests safely.

Safety isn’t the only consideration

Of course there are other reasons why a professional pest extermination is a good idea; one of these is that the experts know pests. They know their habits, and where they are most likely to be hiding out in your home. This means that they can often get to the root of the problem very quickly, and start on the task of making sure your home is pest free.

The long term solution

Another major consideration when dealing with pest control, is the longevity of the solution. It may be very tempting to spend less money and attempt to buy a few sprays and solve your pest problem yourself, but the fact is that this is never likely to be a long term solution to the problem.
All of the sprays, baits and traps around are only every really going to have an effect on pests in the short term. Even if you do seem to have dealt with the issue, it will recur. You can potentially get stuck in a never ending circle of treatments and re-infestations, with more money being spent on sprays and baits.
This being the case, it’s more cost effective to call the experts in the first place. They know how to dispose of the pests in your home; and how to keep them away. At the end of the day that is the result you want.

Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Some days you just wonder why you bothered getting up. 
Eliza's face here sums up the general tone for day. Sick messy baby. Poor thing.

Poor thing has the sniffles and just doesn't feel her best. She woke up with it on Monday but she was in such a happy mood. Tuesday she crashed. She was restless and didn't know what she wanted. No tears just lots of shoulder shrugging on her part. 

Sunday she went sledding with grandpa.

Saturday we went to visit one oft favorite people back home (Boston is now in my mind "home")

Eliza had so much fun playing with her daughter who is 1.5 years older than Eliza. The two of them together was heart melting. 

She taught her how to play guitar. The kid can shoot a bow, play a guitar and climb into a tree house and she isn't 2. Slow down! ;) "play" the guitar. Ha. 

This is what our living room looks like at the end of everyday. Part of the reason we went to ikea was to work on moving some play things into her room. Which she currently uses just to sleep. 

When getting plates and napkins for her birthday party I found one of these water painting books. I loved these as a kid! I gave her qtips and a bowl of water. She was a big fan. 

This is what happens when mommy gets control of the little people. Tiny army! Or all the people for renessme to fight the volturi 

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's in my bag?

Ouch! A couple weeks ago my neck and shoulder were in a lot of pain. My dad guessed I pinched a nerve. I couldn't imagine how I did that. I thought maybe from carrying the baby. 

Then it was suggested to me that it was my purse. 

I think he was right. I weighed it and it was in excess of 14lbs. This was AFTER I removed my full large glass water bottle, kindle and phone. 

Whoops. What was in there? Way too
Much! I still carry to big a purse despite not commuting to work anymore. 

What was in my bag? Oy. 
A bag of 32 pieces of MAC makeup in hopes to back to MAC (there aren't any stores in a 50 miles radius. I miss Boston so much!)
Urban Decay naked on the run palette
Too Faced no makeup makeup palette 
Piggie paint in bright pink
Bag of goldfish
Pair of adult and child mittens. Then one child mitten. 
Rosebud salve
Coin purse
Burrs Bee's Res-q ointment
Monster tissue holder from a friend ;) (hi masami!!)
Honest hand sanitizer
Lime Crime Velvetine (oy have you heard the controversy?)
MAC viva glam Miley
Dried yogurt snacks
Heart mirror
Lush Gorgeous sample 
Chanel lip balm. This stuff has lasted years! I will cry when it gone! The kid broke and I literally taped it together. 
Roll of Mickey Mouse stickers. It's how we survive grocery shopping!
Stress Away Roll on
Fresh lip balm
Sample of Lollitint I still haven't used!
Reusable bag
Pumpkin hand sanitizer
Fruit snacks
Small pink camo wallet. It has Eliza's dunkin donuts gift card in it from grandpa. We start them early in this family. Ha!
Orla poppy bag. See below for what's in it.
Not pictured
Phone, kindle and water bottle. 

Korres Jasmine balm
MAC lipstick in Plumful
Sample of Coralista balm. Love this stuff! Hate the price.
Tarte lip stick
Bobbi concealer stick
Mini Bobbi whole face mini kit (sephora gift! They need to sell these!!!!)
Face brush
Aveda oil in Stress Away and Blue
Tarte blush
21 drops oil in focus, headache and ... Can't remember third. Sleep?
Burts bees vanilla balm
Mini Bite lipstick
Mini posie balm
Dior Glow
Oil rollers I made in: 
Ylang ylang
Gentle baby

No wonder my neck and arm hurt! I don't have my weekly Sunday night purse clean out routine anymore. I think I need to start again!

What's in your bag?? Show me! I love snooping!