Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Sew fancy

Just finished this dress. It’s the R├ęglisse from Deer and Doe.

It was a super easy make. I really like the gathers at the shoulder. It’s a fun detail. I was supposed to turn the hem bias under but I liked how it looked like this. The pattern is from a French maker and the instructions are minimal. Extremely minimal. But they’re good enough to figure it out. I think I might prefer it. Usually pattern makers make it more complicated then it needs to be. 

My issues were my fault. I accident cut the smallest size for skirt and it didn’t go over my head. I mean it was probably a 2 and I’m a 12. I had to add panels to the side to fix it because I didn’t have more of this fabric, nor could I get it. The top is a size or two too big but again that’s my fault. I just guessed at sizing.  

I will make it again. I will make the top a little smaller and shorten the arm holes. I will also add pockets!!!

Made Eliza and I matching infinity scarves this weekend too. It’s one of the new knits from 
Cotton + Steel that I picked up at Pintuck and Purl this weekend. 

What’s it like where you are? We have a snow day today!

Saturday, January 13, 2018

Let there be light

Took an instructional class for my sewing machine today. It was super helpful. I have never taken any sort of sewing class. I’m a wicked hack and wing it as I go. I learned a ton and was super excited to get home and try it. 

I made a super simple little skirt for my daughter. With unicorns. Because everything has to have unicorns you know. Everything. 

I hadn’t sewn a garment in a couple weeks and I felt rusty. I love sewing. My little itty bitty sewing space is my favorite spot ever. Especially with my new lamp dave made me on the 3D printer. All Eliza all the time. 

She always sticking toys in strange places. She’s done it since she was tiny. You’d be at the grocery store and find some random thing in your pocket. She thinks it’s funny. Well today I found the little monkey in my purse. I thought I would play along for when she comes looking for him. I gave him a lipstick. 

Don’t buy one for you kid unless you like high pitched giggles, burps and farts. Grandma got her a sloth and monkey for Christmas and they chat with one another. I’ll admit it’s adorable but there is a point where you want to rip their little heads off and fling it out of a moving car. 

Friday, January 12, 2018


Just did the morning drop off. It’s going to rain so I did my wet hair technique. It has taken me years but it will dry into a nice messy wave. I’ll blog at some point on those products. 

Right in front of the school I slipped on ice on the sidewalk and slid INTO THE STREET. Thank goodness no car was there because there is no cross walk there or anything. 

I fell on my knees and my right wrist. I can tell I’m gonna feel my wrist later. 
Jeans are Mossimo High Rise Skinny. I got these a couple months ago. They’re my absolute favorite. I hear they’re flattering too. Ask Dave. :p 

It’s wicked dark out and it’s 9am. So you get two! 

Shirt is another I made. This is another Tilly and the Buttons pattern. The Mimi blouse I think. It has princess sleeves which are my favorite ever. 

So I used to be known for loving an accessory. This is my favorite accessory. 

That’s my attempt at duck lips. Haaaaaa. 

It just looks like I’m gonna sneeze! 

When I came home I sat on a yogurt tube my daughter left on the couch. I’m telling you the glamour never stops!

Thursday, January 11, 2018

I wear clothes I swear!

I had a (not so) polite request for an outfit photo. Ah! First I am not cool. I’m a stay at home mom now. And dave used to take all my pictures before work. Well I finagled something today. Hope your happy. Ha. 

Shirt is one I made. It’s Tilly and the Buttons Matilde pattern. 

Jeans Target
Boots Art. My sis in law gave these to me last week. I am madly in love with them. I mean I feel bad they were too small and rubbed her toe but I’m so happy I got kickass new boots. I posted on Instagram asking how you are supposed to wear your pants with this kinda boot. I think I like this way best so far. 

I have a root canal today. Like I told you yesterday my life is 24/7 GLAMOUR. I just did eye makeup being as people will be shoving hands in my face. I lost my ability to do an eye wing and I’ve been trying to relearn and I used that Revlon rollerball and dude that’s the trick!!