Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The benefits of tile floors.

I have partnered up with a supply company to talk about remodeling. I chose the topic tile floors because we currently have concrete floors and they could not be a worse floor to have with a toddler. They stain, crack and are virtually impossible to repair!

10 Ways That Tile Flooring is Better than Other Floors
Tile flooring has been a mainstay in homes for many years because of its versatility and easy maintenance. While there are a lot of other flooring options out there to choose from such as wood or carpet, the subcategory of tile flooring provides a wide range of choices within itself. But these are just a few benefits from a long list. Here are some of the best reasons to choose tile flooring for your home.

1.       Easy to clean and maintain. Once tile flooring is properly sealed, it’s incredibly easy to clean: just sweep and mop! You don’t have to worry about stains like you would for carpet. Spills are easily wiped away and disinfected. 

2.       Simple to install. Most do-it-yourselfers can install a tile floor with the right amount of patience and preparation. It only takes a few steps: prepping the area, installing the tile, and finishing with grout. 

3.       Durable. Due to its resistance to staining and general wear, tile is perfect for high-traffic areas. When your tile looks worse for wear, just sweep and mop with some household cleaner. Also, you’ll never have to worry about spills or floods ruining tile like they would with wood flooring or carpet. 

4.       Easy to repair. Although durable, tile is not very impact-resistant. But when one or two tiles become cracked, it’s simple to remove and replace them with new tiles. In contrast, it’s not easy to replace just a few warped hardwood flooring planks or a square of stained carpet. 

5.       Inexpensive. Tile flooring is one of the most cost-effective flooring options available, and probably the best value when you consider the long lifespan of tile compared to carpet or vinyl flooring. 

6.       Moisture resistant. Unlike wood floors, excessive moisture will not damage tiles, making them perfect for high-humidity areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. Their moisture resistance is another reason tile floors are so easy to clean.

7.       Flexible for design. Because tiles are available in so many sizes, tile flooring leaves plenty of room for your creative side to take over. You can mix and match sizes, or lay tile in specific shapes to set off areas such as foyers.  

8.       Available in many styles. From plain white subway tiles to huge mosaic tiles, the list of tile styles is seemingly endless. You’re all but guaranteed to find a tile that matches your style and budget if you look at a variety of manufacturers. 

9.       Adaptable. Tile flooring can be used in all rooms of a home, and it’s great for keeping cool in homes located in hot and humid climates. Tile flooring works as well in your kitchen as it does in semi-outdoor rooms such as a screened porch. And it can be used for walls and backsplashes, too.

10.   Adds value to your home. Because tile is so inexpensive per square foot and can be installed by most do-it-yourselfers, it is a great way to raise the value of your home with minimal investments of time and money.

Saturday, July 05, 2014

Firmoo glasses

The very nice people behind contacted me asking if I would like to try out their service. Firmoo is an online glasses store. They have a ton super affordable glasses options under $40! My glasses are always so expensive due to my funny rx. I was so thrilled at the idea of a pair of glasses for $40. I was asked to pick a pair and let them know which ones and I would have a voucher for them. 

I chose these.

They were kinda funky and something I'd normally be too scared to try because they were bold. I added on the $22 service to make them photocromatic. That's is where they change to dark in the sunshine. 

Ordering was easy and quick and shipping was shockingly quick too. They arrived from china within the week. 

First impression was good they came with a hard and a soft case and a small screwdriver and a cleaning cloth. 

One thing to note is that in the car they don't turn totally dark due to the uv blocking of the car windshield. 

Out in the full sun at the beach. 

Ok I added this one just because she was so cute at her first visit to the beach. 

After being in the house for a minute or two. 

Five minutes later. Back to normal. 

I am extremely satisfied with their arrive. I would highly reccomend them to someone who wants affordable glasses and $60 total for glasses that are also sunglases! I notice on their site right now they are having a 50% off sale! 

I was very nervous to buy glasses online. I have a notoriously sensitive head and always need my glasses adjusted a ton of times. I exaggerate not, they were perfect out of the box. People really like them too. 

In the need of some new glasses or sunglasses? Go check them out!

Friday, June 13, 2014

Toddlers toddle

Ever try and take an outfit photo with a toddler? Yeah me neither. Mission impossible. First I forgot the memory card for my camera then the iPhone was fogging up. 

Eh that'll work!

Shirt Kohls
Pants Target
Shoes doc siders with leopard and sequins! From local store last summer. 

Shirt Kohls
Pants Old Navy
Shoes Stride Rite
And she's wearing my bangles and some linking rings

We took her to an indoor gym today. She was the tiniest one there but I don't think the youngest. 

How are you? Any plans for weekend?

Saturday, May 24, 2014


I still don't quite get that I'm a "mom" I know I didn't know who I was much the past year. I'm changing that. 

Yesterday I took an "outfit" photo! Instagram style.

I am wearing the same outfit today but that same shirt in white! Ha. 

My friend sent me this pic the other day. I love it. I am so bad at all the contouring. This helped. I used way to dark bronzer though. I had to wipe it off. 

I wish I took a before. It just looks natural and shimmery. I have some bad redness before. I'm gonna try again with my lighter bronzer. Above I used ELF in st.Lucia

Which is a pretty good dupe of Nars Orgasm. I don't have it but I do have Super Orgasm which is the same color with added glitter. But you can see so close! The blush was nice the bronzer is too dark for me. I usually use Bobbi Brown Antigua. 

It's a perfect blush bronzer hybrid for fair skin with freckles. 

I am going to get new glasses tonight. I am leaning towards these. 

Come check out my Facebook I am having a $5 bibdana sale. This weekend only. Money is tight so we are trying to ramp up the business! 

How are you all this weekend?