Sunday, December 07, 2014

Getting crafty for Christmas

We've spent the past week making stuff to hang in the house for Christmas. I want Eliza to have fun memories of a decorated house. It was one of my favorite things about Christmas as a kid. All the decorations!

We made an advent calendar. It was only a couple days late. ;)

When she woke up from her nap it was on the wall. She was so excited picking ornaments to put on. She kept yelling
"STICKAH" she is developing an accent and we aren't quite sure who it's from. Ha. 
It was a true labor of love. It would of been much cheaper to buy something but I hope she loves it for years to come. 

I made us a Christmas bunting from vintage fabrics. Well technically the one above was a gift for a good friend of ours who was a jerk and moved away. (I kid. Well kinda.) then I decided I wanted one for us. So I made one just like it with blue on top. 

Mid tree decorating. I will get a proper photo in daylight. 

Again not ours but similar. 

We had a nice weekend spent entirely indoors which will be the norm now that winter decided to show up. What a jerk he was late and then came in with a bang. No gentle fall transotion. 

That's OK Dave and Eliza found a way too cope. 

Thursday, December 04, 2014

Firmoo Redux

The very nice people at Firmoo reached out and asked if I could review another pair of glasses. I excitedly said yes. They offered the glasses at no charge for a review. 

I picked these.

I mean they are gorgeous!!! The white inside, the black, red and white stripes. 

They arrived within the same week and came in a hard clam shell box. 

And also came with a soft carry case, lens cleaning cloth, and a mini repair kit on a keychain. 

The rx is perfect, just like last time. I admit I was always scared to order glasses online so this was a nice chance to see if it worked out. If you ordered a similar pair it would be around $30 frames depending. That's total not just the frames! And they did a great job and I would highly recommend them. 

One slight problem.... Why am I not wearing them? I SCREWED UP. I didn't pay attention to frame size. They are too small for my enormous head. 
Whoops! That was my fault. The last pair fit like a glove I lucked out then because I didn't check the either. But now I know, and advise others to make sure you pay attention to frame size. I was so focused on frames which fit my rx I didn't think to have them fit my head! 

I highly reccomend Firmoo. The customer service is great, you get your glasses incredibly soon considering they are coming all the way from China. They have a great range to choose from and are extremely affordable. 

Check them out:

Monday, December 01, 2014


CYBER MONDAY special! Check previous post for more information 

If you sign up for a wholesale customer via my referral link today I will send you a copy of Essential Oils Pocket Reference! It has become my nightly reading! It is a 400 page + resource of anything you could have wrong with you and how to try and help yourself via oils. It also has background information on all the oils and blends. It's fascinating! 

I have healed a weird rash, helped Dave breathe again through his congestion  when he was sick, helped me sleep though the night, calmed Eliza and made my back stop hurting for a few hours!!!! I pulled it this weekend.

I meant it. I read it every night. It's interesting reading!

FAQ on oils

Have some questions about oils? I put together a FAQ below. I started selling oils to help my family and because I was already buying them!

Check out the offerings at

If anyone is interested in purchasing oils through me or online please read below. I tried to explain the benefits.

It should self populate the two spaces for my number but if it doesn't my number is 2236130
I get a credit for referring you. 

This is the premium starter kit. It's a great place to start. You get 11 oils and a diffuser for $150. 

The diffuser is $98.68 if purchased separately. 

The oils if bought in the sizes available on the site (many are larger than the starter kit) It would cost you
$425.98!!! Just for the oils! You get 11 oils which at their size is a $170.48 value. Add the diffuser to that for $98.68 = a $269.16 value for $150!!! You also get some samples of other products and oils. 

There are two different ways to order the starter kit. 

Retail for $150
Wholesale for $150

Option 1: wholesale distributor 

Why bother ordering wholesale? Won't I have to sell it? Are there minimums and fees? 
Nope! You are under to obligation to sell a thing! But you instantly have access to purchase from Young Living at a 24% discount!!!!

What's the catch? 
If after a year you don't order $50 product value they bump your account down to customer. You can call in it that happens and ask to be wholesale again! Simple as that!

Do I need to order a starter kit to be a whole sale member? 
But there are a few different options at various price points. This one is just the best value and is setting you up with 11 amazing oils AND a diffuser. 

But what if I don't want to sign up as a wholesale distributor? Despite the access to a 24% discount ? :)

Option 2:

Sign up as a retail customer and purchase the kit or any other items you want at full retail :) please use my referring number if you do. 

Also if you want a premium starter kit and don't want to order it online, create an account, I can order one for you in my monthly order. :)

Have any questions feel free to ask in comments or send me a message! I plan to share some of the things we have been using oils for in our household.

Diffusing Lavender. Mmmmm

Lavender is the chameleon of the oil world. It does so many amazing things!

Things we have used it for
Used in healing bruises on bottom of my foot (stupid alphabet block), used on face to help acne.
Put it on my feet to help me fall asleep.
Used on a weird rash on my finger under my wedding ring. It made it stop the insane itching about a half hour after applying it. X
Diffused It to help calm my husband when he had a terrible commute and got home late. 
Put in the bath with Epsom salts to help Eliza's rashes. 
I made a "Neosporin" type cream with lavender oil and calendula to help heel Dave's hands. (Winter is brutal on his skin)

If you google there literally hundreds of things this oil can help with. 

Those are just some of the ways we have used it and continue to use it.

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