Friday, September 19, 2014

Homemade lip balm DIY

You You The I have been wanting to make my own lip balm since Martha Stewart used to be a mail order catalog. She had a kit and it looked so fun and fancy, and over priced. Well 15? Years later I finally made my own. Best part? I didn't have to buy anything I had it all on hand.

They look great don't they? 

And they're made from....
Wait for it....


Insanity right? I first came across it on Bentley Blonde a few months ago. She just used coconut oil. I added two more ingredients but you don't have to. 

I used

Coconut oil 
Shea butter 
CRAYOLA crayons (I suggest you stick with those. I'll explain in a minute)-
Vanilla and Rose essential oil

To make its super simple
Put a pot of water on the stove with a couple inches of water in it. Use a metal or glass bowl on top as a makeshift double boiler. (Some people use a ladle over a candle to melt. I just don't have a metal ladle!) 

1/2 teaspoon coconut oil
1/2 teaspoon Shea butter
One peeled crayon or 1/4 of one color and 3/4 of anther. Get creative! Break a couple up!
Add a few drops of essential oil if you want to scent it. Totally unnecessary but I like a nice soft scent. 

Once melted pour into a container. You can use old Chapstick tubes, Altoids tins. 
I saw one person use a day of the week pill box. Kinda genius. 

I had these little paint pots. 

Just for starters I used just one crayon per color. I also cut the recipe in half because it made more than fit into the little pots I had on hand. 

From left to right
Violet red, red, carnation pink

Ready to see how they look?

They remind me of lip butters in terms of color payoff. I think if you press harder you get a richer more opaque color. I was just rushing through nap time honestly. :)

I also cut the recipe in half because it made more than would fit into the pots I had on hand. 

Here is me with one layer of the Violet red applied with my finger quickly before we left for gymnastics. (I am also wearing pomade 2) 

The color lasted quite a long time. A waitress and I got to talking and she liked how it looked and I gave her a quick tutorial while everyone with me was laughing because we hadn't ordered yet. Ha. 

You may be asking yourself the same question I asked myself and Dave. 

Is it safe? I can only attest that CRAYOLA is. 

From what's I have been reading about lipsticks lately sounds like this is much safer. Ha. No lead!

Best part? Well besides your own custom color for pennies?
Made in America! CRAYOLA is still made in Pennsylvania!

Any plans for the weekend?

I plan to make some more diy body products. The ones I have so far all turned out great and my body loves them and the lack of unpronounceable ingredients makes me happy. I'd like to not have to buy the insanely expensive "safe" bath products for Eliza!

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Homemade Pomade DIY

I more I make my own things the more things I want to make! I previously mentioned I was going to try to make my own pomade. I made two versions. Well I made a third, but.... let's just say we may need a new blender.

What I used. 

I looked at a bunch of recipes online and kinda cobbled this one together. 

For pomade 1 I used
.50 oz bees wax
.50 oz coconut oil 
A glug of jojoba oil. Maybe a teaspoon?
And about 5 drops of each jasmine and vanilla essential oils.
Oh and I went by weight instead if cups and table spoons because this is a way more precise way if I ever want to make it again. 

I have an inexpensive kitchen scale. We use it multiple times a day. 

I heated it on a double boiler and when it melted I put the essential oils in and poured out into a container. 

This is what it looked like once it hardened. I tried to use it and felt it was too hard so I bashed it up with my finger. I do this with store bought pomades too. (Anything in a jar. I like to be the first to smash it)

I used a pea sized amount on the ends of my hair after curling. (I allowed it to dry over night. It was a frizzy messy mess)
It immediately tamed fly away and frizzy ends and have that nice piecey texture I wanted. 

I don't know about longevity yet. I'll get back to you! 

Pomade two was
1 oz bees wax
.75 oz coconut oil
.30 jojoba oil (I meant only .25 but I squeezed too hard)

While I had the oven roaring I made some other stuff just for fun. 

The little square box is a headache stress aromatherapy balm. 
.25 apricot oil 
.25 bees wax
Lavender peppermint and vanilla essential oil 

A peppermint vanilla coconut oil cocoa butter sugar scrub. No measuring I just winged it. It smells aaaaahhhhmazing.

Anyone ever tried making their own products? It all started because I didn't have any hair spray. I still don't!  Would have to buy a spray bottle to make it. Defeats the money saving. Ha. Cause I love cheap hairspray. I've tried expensive and the best is still the cheap stuff. Not sticky or cakey. I love Aussie which whenever I use Dave tells me I smell like purple.

It's the end of the day and it held up well!! Not very flattering picture but it held up great in the humidity! 

As a funny (not funny) aside. Someone asked me if my daughter was my granddaughter and 5 minutes later someone said something about my son!!!!

I mean pink lovey, rhinestone glitter sneakers purple whale shirt. Really?! 

Edited to add. I tried version two just now. Only needed a tiny smidge!

Hair update

Ok so update on the hair. I was nervous first time I washed it. It's layered like all over. I washed and flat ironed. DISLIKE

I mean like BAD! Ignore lack of makeup and pjs IF YOU CAN. 

So I tried curling a tiny bit. 

Hiding behind Eliza's pot lid cause still hot mess behind it. 
Realized I needed to step up my makeup game hardcore with the darker. She dyed it red, purple and black and it had been light for months. 

I slapped on lots of black eyeliner! Much better. As the day went on it looked better a bit wind blown. 

I'm smiling on the inside. This is my normal face. People always say crap. Dude this is just my face! I'm happy I swear. 

Luckily the kid can smile good! 

She can bitch face too. Ha. I shouldn't say that. It turned out she had a bad fever and we didn't know it. It was so hot that day we assumed she was just hot. Bad mommy!

Styling it I  realized I don't own any pomade or hairspray. Insanity right? I think I'm doing to try and DIY both today. One income makes things like hair products an unnecessary expense. I'll let you know how it turns out. 

Baby gymnast

The kid seemingly gets bored. There really only so many places we can walk. Most involve coffee (not that I mind that)

So one night when I couldn't sleep I looked up if there are any baby dance classes. While doing that I came across a gymnastics class. I went in the next day to ask them about it and they gave us a free class. We went last weekend and she loved it... Eventually. In the beginning she was confused and the place is huge and all she wanted to do was explore. By the end of the class she really liked it, so we hoped. 

This weekend we got up to the door of the place and she tried it get out of her stroller and was yelling oooooooh! This week she loved it. She still is very small so she doesn't get most it and doesn't know how to do summer salts and stand in line. The class is up to 3 year olds. Her teachers are amazing. So patient and so encouraging. Eliza is the youngest one. She had such a blast yesterday. 

She did much better with the teacher on the bar than with us. Parents play along. I never took gymnastics and wish I had so having access to padded gym and trampolines, not gonna lie I love it! I want to see if I can still do a cartwheel. Basically my only trick. Ha. But it's been 20? Years. 

After class I was majorly impulsive and went to this salon with a 50% off services sign. I've always had issues with not liking hair cuts. Which is why I went over a year since my last one. I told the lady to do what she wanted as long as it wasn't short and dye it however and surprise me. I said I wanted edgy and funky. She did red purple black and I have no idea what else. It's all over layered.

This is what it was like before. 

It was totally fried from my home bleaching. I haven't washed it and styled it myself yet so it's gonna look a lot different I bet. I don't have time, or energy to blow dry it like she did!

The kid and I on one of our walks for coffee. Like I said there isn't much to do around here! Small town life!

How is your weekend going?