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I have been wanting to save all my links together in one place for a very long time now. Since I use blogger if I wanted a page of links I need to make a post. So this is really for my later reference and don't think me terribly vain. I know I am missing some. If you are that someone let me know.

WARNING don't read on if you don't like people posting links to them on the web.

C Lo said some nice words on her blog One Smarmy Mama

She also spoke about accessories and Forever 21

Interview on Where the Lovely Things Are.

I inspired twirling on Stylographe. My life is complete!

Little article I wrote for Shop it to Me on best fashion advice I have ever received.

I am also one of their Trendsetters! Thanks guys!

The AMAZING Tina of T Minus T plus gave me an award! me??! squee!

She also did a inspired outfit! She totally puts me to shame!

Tina flatters me and totally blows me out of the water!

Clare of Between Laundry Days did a library photo!

I made Megan of See Meg Shop a red lippy convert! Yes!

Megan review some Avon products

Megan Answers my what to wear with my shabooties question!

Speaking of red lips. Besame Cosmetics linked to my review of their new lipstick! AHAHAHA I LOVE them so much!

Barking Dog Shoes did a little feature about me and my patent leather Dansko sandals

The drop dead gorgeous site The English Muse reads my blog!

I did a guest post for the Secret Society of List Addicts

My personal favorite link. I guess Henry Leo's weight!

I JUST found out my picture of Ben Affleck's movie set is on The Loaded Gun site! yes!

Lorena of My Every Day Wear talks about a recent post.

Mark your calender September 26th is wear Knee Socks Day on the fantastic Fab Finds Under 50

Kimberly did her own 5 finger manicure and shoe tutorial.

Kimberly answers my desperate plea for an outfit for my family reunion

I was lucky to be asked to do a guest post about my bumpit! You wouldn't BELIEVE the people who found me from her post! Thanks again girl!

Kimberly wears her bumpit!

The hilarious Kelly of Proficiscamur got her own tattoo necklace!

Kelly shows us what is in her purse!

Kenz of All the Weigh tells me what she is excited to wear this fall

I produced a DVD for Little Bay Baking!

Oh and you can find me in Worldcat! If you are a library nerd this is so cool!

I PA'd this commercial for Gandy Dancer Films! (odd fact. I got the job via my MIL because she knows owner of Gandy Dancer and I show up to the shoot and the actor is my dad's girlfriends little brother! Who isn't even local!)

My photos of Mike Doughty gig are on his site! I emailed them to him and he actually replied! I made my husband listen to it 50 times as I read the one line aloud!

I am glad Becky of Gilding the Frilly believed me because she looks fantastic!

Becky's top 5 blogs. She is a PEACH I tell you!

Becky links to the week my husband dressed me

Becky flatters me again. Please check comments too because Kelly gives me the best compliment ever! Slightly eccentric rich person!!

She also changes her mind on smoked skirts. sort of

Awe my kitten is mentioned on Questionably Hip!

I can always appreciate a "squeezing the love out" picture! Kasmira of What I Wore Today.

My little girl Daisyboo was on I CAN HAS CHEEZBURGER!!! Can I put that on my resume?

I won first prize in the Lucky Winter Brights contest! woot!

My winning look here (I would of entered a different photo if I knew it was a OPEN TO WEB VOTING! GAH)

Neal Breton a California based Pop Artist used one of my photos as inspiration for a painting.

The frankly magnificent Julie of Rotten Cupcakes drew a picture of me

My Every Day Wear shows me how to do this amazing bracelet she has I coveted!

OH OH Sal of Already Pretty posted my "why lie about sizes" in her weekly links post!

Lorena was so kind to give me the Honest Scrap Award.

Nubby Twiglet had me in her link love! I am such a fan of her blog!

Chelsea did an awesome video on her blog. You HAVE to check it out. She is mad awesome.

Chelsea wants to know my guilty pleasures!

BAM shows me what she looked like as a tween. SO CUTE!

One Smarmy Mama also shows me what she looked like as a wee one. Don't you want to pinch her?

Megan wears the skirt I upcycled for her!

Becky makes me blush putting me in her Friday Five with some pretty stiff competition!

Franca was kind enough give me an award!

Lisa does a library photo in the metro Boston area no less!!

Kasmira does her own books photo! squee!

Kristen of Low Fat Dressing sweetly gives me an award!

Erin gets her own Frye-inspired boots!
Kyla wears the necklace she won. Here and again here oh and here here too!

Becky says shabooties!

Kimberly sketches her outfit!

Fashionable Academic gives me an award.

Becky of Gilding the Frilly gives me an award.

Adeline gives me an award too.
(she loves Zooey too!)

Holy crap that is me on the Dansko website! Read the paragraph 

I can't believe I am on the American Apparel site. 

Melissa of A Working Mom's Closet gave me the stylish blogger award.

Oh and if you know of any for me PLEASE feel free to email or post a comment. I would totally appreciate it.