I get a lot of questions about how I do my nails so I thought I would make a page with links to all the information.
Still have any questions after reading this or you want me to review a polish. Drop me an email.

To see all posts on nails you can always search my blog for "nails" or click here.

My stash See my entire collection and broken up by brands here.

Favorite colors. I am all about blue and that bizarre mutey browny purplish color, you know PUTTY. See a list of my favorite puttys here.

Favorite brands of polish are OPI, China Glaze and Essie. Here is a link to some of my favorite colors for sale on Amazon. Each color has a link below it to see me wearing it and reviewing it

Drugstore brands I really like Orly Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure (Salon Manicure only. Not their other ones) and Milani 

Where I buy  I buy polish at tons of places, CVS, Amazon, Target, Sallys Local salons, Ebay, Sephora and anywhere I can find it really. 

Quick drying top coat I use Seche Vite.(Buy it here) I have tried most kinds on the market. This one is hands down the best there is. It is amazing. Dries your nails so fast it is insane. It also helps prevent chips and gives a high gloss finish.

Where to buy the nail stamping schtuff? Ah the designs. I use two brands of nail stamping plates. Konad which I buy from wowsocool and bundle monster which I got on Amazon The plates are about $6 a piece from WowSoCool and $17.99 for 21 from Amazon. You also need the stamper which is also $6 so basically you can get started for about $12 which is cheaper than a manicure! I do not use the "special" polish they sell. I use just regular polish. But I use thicker regular polish. Milani metallics make great stamps as do some of the dark OPI colors. You just have to make sure whatever color you are stamping on top isn't too thin to show the bottom color through it.

How To Stamp  See my review and first post on the topic here. I am not even going to try and do a tutorial because WowSoCool has an amazing one here. Scroll down a tish past the video for a great pictorial step by step.  This is how I learned. This is another thing that just takes a little practice. The first few times mine were crooked and uneven. But again I got my gram and mom doing it. Just WORK QUICKLY that is the most important thing. Also keep a cotton soaked in polish remover right next to you.

Practice! Test our color combos and polishes to see how they work before you put it on your nails.

Past Designs To see past looks and every post I have written about the stamps, you can search the "konad" tag on my blog. Or just click this.

Advice? OK honestly just practice. I didn't used to be good at it but I practiced. My 81 year old grandmother with arthritis and shaky hands can do it so can anyone. WITH PRACTICE. I highly dislike when people say "I don't have the patience to do my nails" It makes me feel like they are judging because I do mine. To be honest I am ADD. It usually takes about 5 minutes and I use an extremely fast top coat that dries them pretty instantly. I also DESPISE chips so I redo them often.
Few tips mostly obvious

*Paint when you have a few minutes where you don't need to use your hands much. Watching tv in the evening is when I do. Or when I am reading.
*Moisturize first. Manicurists do that because it makes it easier to take the excess polish off your skin when it has a barrier. 
*Always start at your pinky. That way you aren't putting your hand over the wet nails you just painted. Mime it to yourself if you don't follow me. You'll see. :) If you start at thumb your hand goes right over it. SMUDGING ALONG THE WAY.
*Use a fast dry top coat.
*Realize mistakes happen! I get it all over myself some nights. I just grab a q-tip soaked in remover and clean up.
*Polish go thick over time? I use polish thinner from Sally's.  They say you can use regular polish remover but I have never had good luck with that. The thinner is $3.99 works great and you only need a few drops.
*Shower trick. I paint my nails and when I take my next shower and my skin is hot and wrinkly I use my thumb or my pinky to scrape the excess off the side of my nails.

Here is what they looked like before I cleaned up the sides. See how the stencil is a bit bigger than the nail and a bit gets on your skin.

After cleanup