About me

Hillary is 32  33 years old.
She lives in Boston in a tiny apartment. She loves it. (Boston, not the apartment.)
She  can see Boston now but unfortunately doesn't live in the city anymore. The trade off was a huge apartment and parking!
She went to college for video, computer and installation art. (or as they called it Electronic Intermedia)

She has been married to the most amazing man for over 9 years. They met at his 17th birthday. She hates when people call him David. She prefers Dave.

She has two cats. Strike that, She works for two cats. She loves them as if they were her real children.

She has a giant cowlick but now knows how to tame it and she has always had bangs.

She loves her a virgin Pina Colada and will take yours when you aren't looking and feel no shame.

She loves to twirl until she is sick.

She works in a library but that doesn't define her, she thinks of it as trading her time and service for money.

and she loves Marc Jacobs and Robert Downey Jr with a passion. She wants Marc to adopt her and RDJ to.... read to her.