Tuesday, January 09, 2018

Shine bright like a diamond

Living in New Hampshire is like a cruel joke to my skin. Ridiculously hot and long summer and “colder than mars” temperature last week. (Well technically that was on top of Mt.Washington but same state so it counts.) I have all kind of new skin challenges since having my kid as well. 

I finally was feeling kinda good about it but one area I have never been able to fix is blackheads. So I follow Kreayshawn on Instagram (yeah I dunno) and she was raving about this Korean skin toner on Amazon (affiliate link. not sure my account is still open...)

It came in 24 hours! I got it this morning and I am so excited to use it! It’s $10 for 8 oz.

Plus the packaging is hilarious. I have no idea what is happening on the left in the image instructions. 

I am not going to do a super close up before and after because no one wants to see that. Me included. But I’m starting it today and I will report back on how it’s working. I will say this. I do have visible blackheads on my nose currently. I would like that to GO AWAY. According to those drawings they are going to happily bounce away never to be seen again!

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