Saturday, January 13, 2018

Let there be light

Took an instructional class for my sewing machine today. It was super helpful. I have never taken any sort of sewing class. I’m a wicked hack and wing it as I go. I learned a ton and was super excited to get home and try it. 

I made a super simple little skirt for my daughter. With unicorns. Because everything has to have unicorns you know. Everything. 

I hadn’t sewn a garment in a couple weeks and I felt rusty. I love sewing. My little itty bitty sewing space is my favorite spot ever. Especially with my new lamp dave made me on the 3D printer. All Eliza all the time. 

She always sticking toys in strange places. She’s done it since she was tiny. You’d be at the grocery store and find some random thing in your pocket. She thinks it’s funny. Well today I found the little monkey in my purse. I thought I would play along for when she comes looking for him. I gave him a lipstick. 

Don’t buy one for you kid unless you like high pitched giggles, burps and farts. Grandma got her a sloth and monkey for Christmas and they chat with one another. I’ll admit it’s adorable but there is a point where you want to rip their little heads off and fling it out of a moving car. 


Dave said...

I'm surprised you learned something at a sewing class, but I'm glad. Was it for your particular machine, or some technique?

byhillary said...

It was for my new machine. Which is vastly different than my old machine. I used to own a say 1984 escort. Now I have a 2010 Volvo. It’s a lower model of a high end line. But it’s about 55 steps above what I was using. I have no training at all either so I learned a bunch of things I was doing wrong too! I was supposed to take the training over the summer but it landed on the day dave ended up in the hospital.