Friday, January 12, 2018


Just did the morning drop off. It’s going to rain so I did my wet hair technique. It has taken me years but it will dry into a nice messy wave. I’ll blog at some point on those products. 

Right in front of the school I slipped on ice on the sidewalk and slid INTO THE STREET. Thank goodness no car was there because there is no cross walk there or anything. 

I fell on my knees and my right wrist. I can tell I’m gonna feel my wrist later. 
Jeans are Mossimo High Rise Skinny. I got these a couple months ago. They’re my absolute favorite. I hear they’re flattering too. Ask Dave. :p 

It’s wicked dark out and it’s 9am. So you get two! 

Shirt is another I made. This is another Tilly and the Buttons pattern. The Mimi blouse I think. It has princess sleeves which are my favorite ever. 

So I used to be known for loving an accessory. This is my favorite accessory. 

That’s my attempt at duck lips. Haaaaaa. 

It just looks like I’m gonna sneeze! 

When I came home I sat on a yogurt tube my daughter left on the couch. I’m telling you the glamour never stops!

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