Thursday, January 11, 2018

I wear clothes I swear!

I had a (not so) polite request for an outfit photo. Ah! First I am not cool. I’m a stay at home mom now. And dave used to take all my pictures before work. Well I finagled something today. Hope your happy. Ha. 

Shirt is one I made. It’s Tilly and the Buttons Matilde pattern. 

Jeans Target
Boots Art. My sis in law gave these to me last week. I am madly in love with them. I mean I feel bad they were too small and rubbed her toe but I’m so happy I got kickass new boots. I posted on Instagram asking how you are supposed to wear your pants with this kinda boot. I think I like this way best so far. 

I have a root canal today. Like I told you yesterday my life is 24/7 GLAMOUR. I just did eye makeup being as people will be shoving hands in my face. I lost my ability to do an eye wing and I’ve been trying to relearn and I used that Revlon rollerball and dude that’s the trick!! 

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