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What are the benefits of different types of tile?

What are the benefits of different types of tile?

If you’re thinking about tiling your bathroom, your main considerations will be the kind of design you want to mimic and the type of tile you want to use. These decisions will be greatly influenced by both your own personal tastes and the budget you have available.
You may know what look you are hoping to achieve, and the end result you want; but it’s still a good idea to take a look at some bathroom tiling ideas. Looking at others work may spark your imagination and give you some great ideas you hadn’t thought of. Here are some of the different types of tile you may want to consider using.

Ceramic tiles

The title of ceramic tile actually refers to both porcelain and non-porcelain tiles that are made from clay, or a clay mixture. Although the term is more often used as a reference to non-porcelain tiles. This type of tile is easier to cut than a porcelain tile, and is generally cheaper to purchase, which can make it a good option if you have a restricted budget. It’s important to note that this type of tile is often not as hardwearing as a porcelain tile, so may need replacing more often.  

Porcelain tiles

Although they are still made of clay, porcelain tiles tend to be made by pressing porcelain clay so they are denser in their make-up. Glazed porcelain tiles tend to be much harder wearing than ceramic tiles, so they are suitable for bathrooms that are heavily used.

Slate Tiles

Slate is a dense natural stone that is very tough and is perfect for use on floors. Slate is often known for its cleft pattern, unless it has been smoothed.
As well as using them for flooring, slate tiles can help you create a great feature wall in your bathroom. Although they are usually available in black, green and grey, there are some other shades of slate tile available, such as blue, brown and gold.

Granite tiles

Granite can be expensive but it is incredibly durable and retains its sheen easily when it’s cleaned. This natural stone, which is created over millions of years, contains distinctive veins and specks of minerals which give it a unique character.

Marble tiles

Granite tiles are possibly more often found in kitchens, due to their durability. Marble tiles are a very popular choice in bathrooms, as marble is a softer material. Like granite, marble is formed naturally over long periods of time. As it forms, marble is affected by geographical events, and infused with mineral deposits, which give each piece of marble its own distinctive design.
If you have a limited budget available to tile your bathroom, then you may be restricted in the type of tile you can use. This doesn’t mean you can’t still achieve a beautiful look. Bathroom tiling isn’t all about the type of tile you use, it’s about how effectively the tiles are used too.

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