Monday, May 11, 2015

Too Faced Bronzer Wardrobe Collection

I got this fun little Too Faced Bronzer Collection for Mother's Day. It retails for $22 at Ulta.
I can't find it on the Too Faced site but here is all their bronzers. Might be an Ulta exclusive.

First impression is I can not BELIEVE the quality of the little brush. It is "teddy bear hair" meaning synthetic or vegan, but it's handle is metal! It is crazy good quality. I mean seriously it is almost worth buying for the brush. I don't know what their brushes retail for but I don't imagine its cheap.

It comes with 4 clam shell cases with a total of 5 colors. The milk and chocolate soleil ones have actual cocoa powder in them and smell like chocolate. Not annoyingly or fake. You might not notice it if you weren't aware. (well what do I know, I KNEW it was going to smell so I can only guess.)

These are one swipe swatches. I first got into Too Faced when Dave got me a couple items from them for some holiday in the past few years. I hadn't really paid attention to them before that. Now I am a total convert. These bronzers are so incredibly smooth. They aren't chalky or weird. They ARE LIKE BUTTAH

The bottom two colors are Sun Bunny and Endless Summer both have a subtle shimmer. Not glitter but microsized shimmer. I plan to mix it up and try these not only as bronzers but as eyeshadows and brows. I also think the sunbunny would make a great highlighter. I think the two cocoa colors would work for contouring too instead of "bronzing" I am just trying to teach myself about contouring and I am loving it. That is a future post. I must admit I am not even remotely good at it now.

Would I suggest buying this? Absolutely. It is a great way to try multiple colors to see which one works best for you. They sell full sized of all of these.  They are really decently sized. 5 total items for $22 or $4.4 a piece. I dare cheaper or on par with drugstore. And again to repeat myself the brush is amazing! I can't wait to play more with it. I currently have to apply makeup at nap time because my kid is obsessed with grabbing and applying anything she can manically get her hands on!

Some things I love from Too Faced or are on my wish list. (want more reviews of Too Faced?)

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Lorena said...

I have yet to try Too Faced products! But I do love their packaging.