Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Our favorite baby beauty products

Baby beauty product reviews! Babies don't need beauty products they are already perfect. I just thought it was a fun idea and I know it took lots of bad products before we discovered the best and most affordable products for ourselves. We like many received some stuff at our baby shower. We got a Burts Bees and a California Baby set.
We LOVE both. But lets be real California Baby is wicked expensive. As we ran out of that stuff we started getting Burts Bees. Because they are natural, gentle, Eliza doesn't react to them and they work great with her eczema. CVS often has Burts Bees on great sales. I always peek when we are there getting prescriptions to see if any are on sale. We had the big pump bottle of the Calming Shampoo and Body wash for an entire year.

You need so little and babies are small! We also use their Calming lotion but lately we have been using Aveeno Calming lotion.
I like that its super moisturizing but doesn't leave you sticky and soaks in lickity split. The Burts Bees is a bit thicker and takes a bit longer to soak in. Which is a good thing but Eliza is going through a "lotion" phase. She is constantly asking to put it on her hands and she loves to rub her hands together and put it on her cheeks and mom or dads cheeks. She also loves slathering in on her feet. It is seriously so cute and shes the softest thing ever. Her gymnastics teacher every week high fives them and every time she says how Eliza is the softest hand she ever touched. Always makes me smile. Also she smells wonderful.

We love Honest products. When budget allows we get a monthly bundle of products. They are now available or Target which is SO RAD, but its cheaper to get the monthly bundle. You also can postpone your next one for 6 months at a time. Then again. The bundle is $35 for 5 products. They have everything you can imagine. All natural and safe to use around babies. Their wipes are hands down my favorite on the market. They are amazing. We use them for everything and anything when we were getting the diaper bundles. They are super durable and very gentle. You can actually wipe up yogurt, rinse it and use it to wipe up more. Another thing I like about them, no smell and they are safe to use on faces and to clean off pacis and toys that go in the mouth. Something I had not considered until I had a kid. Then I stood in the aisle target and read EVERY SINGLE WIPE THEY CARRIED. Shockingly few said safe for faces. I won't link to it but there have been kids having reactions on their faces from wipes. Safe for butt doesn't mean safe for face OR in the mouth! I know there were wipes that bothered Eliza (pampers which sucks because their diapers are great) But the Honest ones? Honestly, expensive. We settled on Huggies Natural Care. Well to be specific 3 cases were delivered to our house by my mom and they are fabulous and we use them on everything with no issues. Highly recommend. Eliza loves wiping her face and these are great for her furious wiping. Never irritate her.

Honest sunscreen is great. Its thick, Shes always stayed pale so win win? But it is very thick and takes forever to soak in. We had the same tube for a year. It doesn't take a lot to cover her. No scent either and gentle enough on her face.

California Baby Overtired and Cranky bubble bath. Did you know bubble baths are really bad for girls? I didn't until I had an issue. Read a bottle of bubble bath! There are warnings right on them about it. Can you imagine a baby with a bladder infection? Heart breaking! But California Baby is one of the few good ones out there that claim to cause no issues and they don't! We got it in a sample pack but rebought it when we ran out. We only do bubble baths once in a blue moon when she asks for it or shes,... cranky. (Epsom too! That stuff is the bomb) It also comes with a bubble wand. Most expensive bubbles every but it works a treat on the rare occasion of tears at bath time!

Baby bums. Oh baby bums. So cute, so soft.. until they aren't when we have had BAD BAD diaper rashes we got Bordeaux Butt Paste and it knocks it out of there in one day. But I feel like it is not something to use all the time. Like its for when you need it.

When bums are raw, red, Honest healing balm is amazing. We got a sample of it and when we ran out of Bordeaux we added the Honest to a monthly order. It is a staple in the house. We used it on chapped wind burned face cheeks and red raw bum cheeks. It is great from cheek to cheek! I used it on on burns and raw patches on myself. It really is a multiple purpose ointment. Seriously it will heal whatever you throw at it!

Burts Bees Multipurpose Ointment. I use this to keep her bum protected when she is having issues. I use it more as a preventative in that case. I also use it on her really dry patches in winter. It too works on just about anything. It also never caused issues with our cloth diapers.

Piggy paint. My kid loves nail polish. I can't imagine why *cough* We use Piggy Paint on her. Mostly because she still sticks her hands in her mouth on occasion. It dries quickly and is water based. We bought a little package at Walmart but she got this bigger set for her birthday. She loves to have her nails painted. LOVES.

Eos Lipbalm if she could talk, (well like talk as an adult can) she would tell you this is her FAVORITE THING IN THE ENTIRE WORLD. Omg this kid and lip balm. I highly suggest you get one for your kid. Girl or Boy don't matter. Comes in lots of flavors. Naturalish. OK IF eaten (when). I leave one next to the changing table. When I need to distract her to change her diaper this works every time, (BAG OF CATS) Whenever shes upset in public I offer it to her. Its a fun shape, fun to apply and she can open and close it. Plus soft coconut scented kisses. Need I say more?

If you are interested in trying Honest products you can get a deluxe free samples and diapers to try them out before you commit. Here is my referral link We got the diaper bundle with 7 diapers and 10 wipes and the essentials which had a ton of stuff in it! like big travel size. 

I was not asked to review any of these products from any company. All opinions are my families but I have supplied affiliated links to hope to earn a small amount to help raising that cute kid :)

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