Thursday, April 30, 2015

S(m)oochie boochies

 I wrote this elaborate long review and it disappeared. I'm so annoyed.
Take two. 

Recently I gave Baby Lips a second chance after not liking previously and I was pleasantly surprised. See review here. Yesterday I had run in to CVS to pick up a prescription and on my way I did my quick glance over to where they keep the Eos lip balms. This is another product I didn't like initially. Well I still don't like the standard ones. I am wild about the two striped ones though. We are big fans of them in this house. So much so Eliza gives it as gifts to friends. I didn't see any new Eos but something colorful caught my eye!

Lipslicks Smoochies by Cover Girl. I grabbed one of each they had. I don't go to CVS often anymore and we use lipbalm like water in this house. It also had SPF15 which is gonna be great now the sun decided to start to shine on this part of the world again. Normally I hate all balms with SPF because I can taste it. I didn't in these. But I will get into more detail below. When I got home I tried looking them up, even on the Cover Girl site. But I couldn't find anything about them beyond some blog posts and instagram sightings. It appeared they are a CVS exclusive but I can not confirm that. When you look up Lipslicks Smoochies you actually get the stick ones they sell. The balm lipstick ones. You know the ones most of us used as our first lipsticks in their previous incarnation in the 90's

 On with the show!


First impression was nice soft and slick. Not thick and waxy at all. But there is a strong smell. I am not a huge fruity smell person but it honestly didn't bother me. I thought it smelled kinda like watermelon but was on the fence so I asked Dave to take a sniff. He said it smelled like strawberry watermelon. Then it hit me. It smells exactly like that watermelon fribble? at Friendlys. Like exactly.


Dave's instant reaction was strawberry bubblicious with a slight fruit punch. I totally agree. I had him try this one on. He said it was nice, smooth and not at all sticky. He said if you like fruity smells you would like this one. It reminded me of a bit of junior high and bubble gum and lipgloss. 


Yeah I can not for the life of me adequately describe this one. And since I can't find much info on them I can't tell you what exactly it is SUPPOSED to smell like. Dave said vanilla berry light on the vanilla. He agreed it was a hard one to describe. 

And finally the swatches. In order from left to right.


What you can't see them? Yeah me neither and I put them there! I even went back and forth with them a few times trying to build color.

They all three appear to have a slight pearl sheen and two have a pinkish color but they absolutely look invisible on.

Many will like them because of that and dislike it because of them. I think its a plus because Eliza is obsessed with lip balms and I don't really want her wearing color. Not because I am a hardass that is no makeup before you are 14, but because she never uses a mirror and this way she won't look like a kid who drank kool-aid. People give you looks when that happens. Ha. Not that its happened. Ok so it totally happened. This was her just yesterday.

Took me a minute to figure out what she had done. I think she sucked on a piece of chalk. I found a wet chalk stub on her drawing board. Or she was trying to put "lipstick" on which is something she does OFTEN. I have to be careful. ha.

While writing this she stole the pink one and wiped it furiously across her lips. I am happy to report it looked like nothing. No hint of color or shimmer.

These retail for $3.99 but CVS always has sales and deals on makeup. If you are looking for fun fruity SPF lipbalm then these are for you. Or if you have a kid! perfect. I kinda used to hate fruity smells (still do like bath and body works. GAG) and I love all these. I think because I have a little girl and she constantly smells like strawberries. Which to me is the best smell in the world.

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