Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Hillary redux

For Easter we went to my grandmothers house. We had a frilly over the top Easter dress a friend had handed down to us but she's refused to wear it. She agreed to this because mommy had leopard on too.  When we got to grams I ran around and hid 9 eggs for Miss E. She didn't quite get it at first but when she did she had a blast. 
I didn't even put candy in them! We put yogurt covered blueberries. 

Since she's 2 she decided she doesn't "do" high chairs. She insisted on sitting at the head of the table in pop's old chair. Well she is named after him (poppy). 

She does it when we go out too. This day she pointed to high chair and said "that babies". We haven't ever even said the "baby" vs "big girl" she came up with that on her own!

In her Easter bag we did put a little candy. 4 or 5 malted robins eggs and 2 Hershey kisses. She didn't like the Robin's eggs but she loved the kisses. And she jewelry for her. She's always making me take off mine and giving to her. Now we can both wear some ;)

I got a basket too. I wasn't expecting that. 

The polish is the BEST color. Garden Variety from the Essie Spring 2015 line. 

Little miss loves having her nails painted too. She got some baby Polish for her birthday from her cousin Jameson. 

No joke she asks for the one different nail. So my kid. 

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laniza said...

She's totally a mini you :)!