Monday, April 27, 2015


With the changing of seasons I always start looking up images and ideas to give myself some fresh inspiration. Since I stopped working out of the house when I had my daughter, I stopped taking time for myself to feel pretty. So I am doing something different this season. I am going to use me to inspire me! How narassistic of me. Before I chopped my hair off in a post party's frenzy I've regretted it. I always had short hair but I finally after 30 years let it grow out and did some fun stuff with it. I don't have many tricks or magic techniques. I think that's why I cut it. I felt like I didn't know how to do good hair. But I know how to braid! I am loving braids right now. They instantly make me feel more pulled together and people notice. When I go out with a braid someone says something to me. Which helps. Makes me want to improve my routine for my daughter most of all. Today she asked me to "do hairs" so I did hers. (I looked slightly hobo ish)

Some older photos of me with various length hair. Saving these to nudge myself into putting myself second at least! No more last!

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Dave said...

These are so pretty of you! I especially like the versions that highlight your bangs... kinda all of them, eh? I kinda think you should take time abs energy for yourself, because she deserves the best mom you can be.