Friday, April 10, 2015

Baby Lips? Don't mind if I do!

When I was a teen I was obsessed with these Kissing Koolers by Maybelline.

I can still smell it in my memory. I can't even describe it. But it's a good memory. I was feeling all nostalgic and looked them up the other day and apparently I'm not the only one who missed them. A few said while not the same Baby Lips by Maybelline was the modern thing that fits the bill. I had tried Baby Lips and actually hated it. I can taste SPF.  But I saw these new limited edition ones called Baby Lips Buds. The formula isn't like the one I tried previously. They're silky smooth rose petal feeling no sticky at all. 

I picked them up in 
Oh!Orchid! (Left)  and Petal Rebel (Right)

They're very sheer with a tiny swish of color. 

They're the perfect thing to throw in your purse. You can apply without a mirror and it just gives you a nice sheer color. MLBB territory (my lips but better)

They have a soft sweet scent. I can't place what it is though. 

My daughter is obsessed with lipstick and being 2 we don't let her wear it. But whenever mommy puts on some she wants it. I used to put Chapstick and she was satisfied she caught on though. So these look like lipstick to her ;)

Seriously the kid squeals when she sees Sephora. I should be nervous huh?

Now just to find the modern version of kissing potion!


EvaNadine said...

maybe one of these could be a replacement for the roll-on lip gloss?

Lorena said...

Total flashback…. Kissing Coolers were my fave too!

Lorena said...

Total flashback…. Kissing Coolers were my fave too!