Sunday, March 22, 2015

Can I do my own pest control?

Can I do my own pest control, instead of hiring an expert?
You have discovered an army of ants in your home. Surely you can just deal with the situation yourself, right? The answer is that it’s really not that simple.
Despite the fact that you can put pest control into a search engine, and discover all sorts of advice on how to rid your home of pests, there are certain things that you are never going to be able to do as well as experts like Pest control experts are trained to ensure that pest problems are dealt with safely and efficiently.

Why isn’t non-professional pest control a good idea?

The first question you have to ask yourself is do you really know what type of pest you are dealing with? It’s unlikely you are going to be able to precisely pinpoint the pest that has invaded your home, with the same accuracy that the experts can. Correct identification of the pest is vital in order to determine the best method of treatment. Once this decision has been made that pest control professionals also know exactly how to carry out treatments whilst adhering to safety procedures; it’s highly unlikely that you do.
Professionals also have experience of dealing with lots of different situations. If there is someone living in your home who is pregnant, or if there are children living there, wouldn’t you like to ensure that you have all the best safety aspects covered? It makes sense to speak to someone who has the knowledge to rid your home of pests safely.

Safety isn’t the only consideration

Of course there are other reasons why a professional pest extermination is a good idea; one of these is that the experts know pests. They know their habits, and where they are most likely to be hiding out in your home. This means that they can often get to the root of the problem very quickly, and start on the task of making sure your home is pest free.

The long term solution

Another major consideration when dealing with pest control, is the longevity of the solution. It may be very tempting to spend less money and attempt to buy a few sprays and solve your pest problem yourself, but the fact is that this is never likely to be a long term solution to the problem.
All of the sprays, baits and traps around are only every really going to have an effect on pests in the short term. Even if you do seem to have dealt with the issue, it will recur. You can potentially get stuck in a never ending circle of treatments and re-infestations, with more money being spent on sprays and baits.
This being the case, it’s more cost effective to call the experts in the first place. They know how to dispose of the pests in your home; and how to keep them away. At the end of the day that is the result you want.

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