Wednesday, March 04, 2015


Some days you just wonder why you bothered getting up. 
Eliza's face here sums up the general tone for day. Sick messy baby. Poor thing.

Poor thing has the sniffles and just doesn't feel her best. She woke up with it on Monday but she was in such a happy mood. Tuesday she crashed. She was restless and didn't know what she wanted. No tears just lots of shoulder shrugging on her part. 

Sunday she went sledding with grandpa.

Saturday we went to visit one oft favorite people back home (Boston is now in my mind "home")

Eliza had so much fun playing with her daughter who is 1.5 years older than Eliza. The two of them together was heart melting. 

She taught her how to play guitar. The kid can shoot a bow, play a guitar and climb into a tree house and she isn't 2. Slow down! ;) "play" the guitar. Ha. 

This is what our living room looks like at the end of everyday. Part of the reason we went to ikea was to work on moving some play things into her room. Which she currently uses just to sleep. 

When getting plates and napkins for her birthday party I found one of these water painting books. I loved these as a kid! I gave her qtips and a bowl of water. She was a big fan. 

This is what happens when mommy gets control of the little people. Tiny army! Or all the people for renessme to fight the volturi 

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