Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What's in my bag?

Ouch! A couple weeks ago my neck and shoulder were in a lot of pain. My dad guessed I pinched a nerve. I couldn't imagine how I did that. I thought maybe from carrying the baby. 

Then it was suggested to me that it was my purse. 

I think he was right. I weighed it and it was in excess of 14lbs. This was AFTER I removed my full large glass water bottle, kindle and phone. 

Whoops. What was in there? Way too
Much! I still carry to big a purse despite not commuting to work anymore. 

What was in my bag? Oy. 
A bag of 32 pieces of MAC makeup in hopes to back to MAC (there aren't any stores in a 50 miles radius. I miss Boston so much!)
Urban Decay naked on the run palette
Too Faced no makeup makeup palette 
Piggie paint in bright pink
Bag of goldfish
Pair of adult and child mittens. Then one child mitten. 
Rosebud salve
Coin purse
Burrs Bee's Res-q ointment
Monster tissue holder from a friend ;) (hi masami!!)
Honest hand sanitizer
Lime Crime Velvetine (oy have you heard the controversy?)
MAC viva glam Miley
Dried yogurt snacks
Heart mirror
Lush Gorgeous sample 
Chanel lip balm. This stuff has lasted years! I will cry when it gone! The kid broke and I literally taped it together. 
Roll of Mickey Mouse stickers. It's how we survive grocery shopping!
Stress Away Roll on
Fresh lip balm
Sample of Lollitint I still haven't used!
Reusable bag
Pumpkin hand sanitizer
Fruit snacks
Small pink camo wallet. It has Eliza's dunkin donuts gift card in it from grandpa. We start them early in this family. Ha!
Orla poppy bag. See below for what's in it.
Not pictured
Phone, kindle and water bottle. 

Korres Jasmine balm
MAC lipstick in Plumful
Sample of Coralista balm. Love this stuff! Hate the price.
Tarte lip stick
Bobbi concealer stick
Mini Bobbi whole face mini kit (sephora gift! They need to sell these!!!!)
Face brush
Aveda oil in Stress Away and Blue
Tarte blush
21 drops oil in focus, headache and ... Can't remember third. Sleep?
Burts bees vanilla balm
Mini Bite lipstick
Mini posie balm
Dior Glow
Oil rollers I made in: 
Ylang ylang
Gentle baby

No wonder my neck and arm hurt! I don't have my weekly Sunday night purse clean out routine anymore. I think I need to start again!

What's in your bag?? Show me! I love snooping!

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Lorena said...

Gosh Hillary, that is a lot to carry around !
I think by bag is about 6 pounds, just the wallet, the small make up bag, hair brush, cel, pen, hair pins, hair clips and paper.