Thursday, December 04, 2014

Firmoo Redux

The very nice people at Firmoo reached out and asked if I could review another pair of glasses. I excitedly said yes. They offered the glasses at no charge for a review. 

I picked these.

I mean they are gorgeous!!! The white inside, the black, red and white stripes. 

They arrived within the same week and came in a hard clam shell box. 

And also came with a soft carry case, lens cleaning cloth, and a mini repair kit on a keychain. 

The rx is perfect, just like last time. I admit I was always scared to order glasses online so this was a nice chance to see if it worked out. If you ordered a similar pair it would be around $30 frames depending. That's total not just the frames! And they did a great job and I would highly recommend them. 

One slight problem.... Why am I not wearing them? I SCREWED UP. I didn't pay attention to frame size. They are too small for my enormous head. 
Whoops! That was my fault. The last pair fit like a glove I lucked out then because I didn't check the either. But now I know, and advise others to make sure you pay attention to frame size. I was so focused on frames which fit my rx I didn't think to have them fit my head! 

I highly reccomend Firmoo. The customer service is great, you get your glasses incredibly soon considering they are coming all the way from China. They have a great range to choose from and are extremely affordable. 

Check them out:


Dave said...

How very timely. I have my eye exam next week and I will definitely need new lenses.

Michelle W said...

wow they are nice i need to look them up

HollyElise said...

Oh those are gorgeous!!
I need to visit the eye doctor to find out my prescription so I can get some new glasses... Firmoo is on my list thanks to your reviews!!