Wednesday, November 05, 2014

The "nursery"

I've shared some nursery pics before but here is the update. I had to move stuff as she got bigger and able to walk and grab things! So some of the nice staging if you remember the photos of stuff from last time is now out of reach. 

We moved when Eliza was 2.5 months old for a month while our apartment was being finished. In all the years I've had apartments I've never "decorated" I always felt like we'd move again so why bother. After 17 years like that I now feel the need to have actually hang things on the wall. It's all a work in progress but here is Eliza's room. It's only taken 16 months of living here to do it. 

The space over the crib is a work in progress. Meaning this isn't how it's gonna stay. 

Ignore the carpet tiles. They aren't set up I took them apart to clean them. 

She has a nice big huge closet too. But that's where I hid the laundry. In front of that. ;) I mean lets be real. Ha. 

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