Friday, November 07, 2014


Our town does a Saturday before Halloween downtown trick or treat at local businesses for kids. It's great because its light out, most parents aren't working and it's a safe area to go. There was way more people then they anticipated! So many little cuties. At first Eliza didn't want to put her costume on. I bribed her with a munchkin at Dunkin donuts. That's all I had to say. She got outside and wanted to beeline it there. She was a mouse on a mission. 

I dressed up too. 

It was fun that our first stop was the lady who sold us cloth diapers when Eliza was 3 months old. And her store was 30 minutes away then. Small world!

She didn't really get what candy was and just cared about seeing all the kids. 

We ended the day at grandpa's house. It couldn't of been a more beautiful day. It had rained for 2 weeks straight but the sun was shining and temps perfect that day. 

A photographer took our picture for the cities page. Eliza's face was 100% "you're delaying the munchkin lady!"

A little flash back Friday. Me trick or treating with my aunt. She was in highschool I was 3 or 4.

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lawyerdoll said...

How fun! Just an adorable costume... and the kid's was cute too ;-p