Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nailed it.

I have zero patience for nails and even less time for them now. 

For my birthday I got a shellac manicure and regular polish pedicure. I know, I know toes are ugly!

Lincoln Park After Dark of course. So fast forward 15 days later and they'd grown to the point I wasn't sure if I should let it grow or spend my precious free time soaking it off. 

Then my friend Courtney said how a friend of hers fills in the gaps with a different color! 

Dude! Total game changer. Took maybe 2 minutes and it's like a funky new look! Why didn't I ever think of this?!

I love shellac and it's great for a mom, except the removal takes time. Do you do this? How long do you let shellac go?


Lorena said...

I love that colour by OPI.
The longest i've had shellac on is 27 days.

Cyndi Spencer said...

I love shellac for that reason and I usually let it go close to two weeks and usually when it's grown out enough, I can actually peel it off.

lawyerdoll said...

I can usually peel mine off when it's gotten too old. But I am stealing the idea to use a second color in the gap!