Monday, October 13, 2014

Falling leaves.

The weather has been changing finally and it's my favorite time of year. 
No not because of Pumpkin spice latte, I'm in a minority I believe, I think it's gross. I also have never had pumpkin pie. But I do enjoy myself a pumpkin pie truffle or flavored cream cheese. Or anything pumpkin scented. I love the smell of crisp air. I love the sound of leaves crunching. I love the colors of all the disciduious trees. Disciduwhat? Ha. Any other mother or father of a child probably seen the episode of Sesame Street where Chris and Leela rap about trees. 

On Saturday we went to my dad's and it was the perfect night. Cool air, home cooking and a happy kid. 

She really wanted to rake the leaves. Even though the rake was twice her size. Dave remembered that there was one in her sandbox. 

Today we walked around Portsmouth. It was overcast but never rained and cold enough we all wore sweatshirts. 

Classy is bathroom selfies. Oh wait...

I let my minion taste candy for the first time. It was organic so it's like a salad. She knew exactly what to do with it. Which made me nervous. 

And she helped put the groceries away. Man it amazes me daily what she understands. I told her to put stuff in the drawer and she opened it and put it in. Then proceeded to shove it as hard as she could when it didn't fit. She also put cheese in the crisper. My fault. I only said drawer not which one. 

I decided yesterday to try and go gluten free. I know I am the expert on it in our family. I know it inside and out. But I don't know how Dave does it. I can't stop thinking about gluten. I was tested for Celiac via blood test, DNA, endoscopy and it was all negative. I've had a colonoscopy and had my thyroid checked. Everything comes back fine but I feel like crap. Have for 10 years. It started September 2004 when I got h.pylori. I had a zillion tests and basically nothing is wrong with me. I tried gluten free back then, but to be honest I wasn't dedicated because I wasn't Celiac. I am wondering though if I am gluten intolerant. Today was the first day. When Dave went GF he never ever cheated. In 10 years not once ate gluten, knowingly. (Some times places/restaurants lied to him. Grrrr)

Between the pain, migraines, horrible skin and overall complete exhaustion and  insomnia I need to figure out what it is. 

I'm so fussy of an eater. I don't know how to do this. :/


Cyndi Spencer said...

Have you tried paleo? Yeah I know it's gimmicky and trendy and sounds kind of silly. But...I will say that a few years ago I tried it and it was a HUGE help in learning how to shop and cook in cleaner way, and it just happens that inadvertently it's majorly gluten free, which is a nice perk. But, as for learning how to eat healthier and cleaner, it was a huge help. I didn't stick with it, but I've really kept a lot of skills. There are a lot of really cool paleo cookbooks out there. Anyways.......

Just a general eating cleaner always makes me feel a million times better. :)

Lauren said...

Ugh, i totally hear you on the celiac stuff. I'm not sure if you remember me, we have kids the same age, well my son was diagnosed with celiac in June at 14.5 months old. We didn't see that coming. But he has all the classic toddler symptoms that showed up after he had a stomach virus a few weeks before. My little guy was so bloated and was vomiting on a daily basis and was loosing weight. It was so scary since we had no idea it was gluten that was causing the problems. We eventually took him to CHOP where they tested him.

It was night and day for my little guy. Within a week, he was back to normal.

So my hubby and me both got tested, and sure enough it came from me. :( I had positive blood work and a positive endo.

I did the "Whole 30" after I got my dx and have been GF for maybe 3 months now. Hang in there, it does/will get easier and having a hubby that is already GF should keep you going!

I know it's hard, but doing the Whole 30 really reset my carb cravings to the point where I don't even eat GF carbs, I recommend it highly!

Hope everything is going well!!