Friday, September 12, 2014

To err and to err again.

Spent all of last evening working on a mommy and me set. I screwed up so many times and had to start completely over. One time I sewed a side upside down. I'm human, I have a toddler I shouldn't be so hard on myself but man was I mad at myself for all the waste. I cut the insides of two other bags too short and had to take a hit on losing more fabric. I don't screw up often sewing so when I did I make sure to do it well and often! Gah! But finally got it done and all the right way. I want one for me and Eliza!

I taught her what stickers were on Wednesday. We now have tiny dinosaur stickers everywhere. I love it. I've always hoped one day to pass along my love for all things paper goods. This kid has a craft store in her house and she doesn't even know it yet. I bought a roll of them I am going to keep in my purse with a little notebook and crayons. As she gets older she isn't the quiet go with the flow baby anymore. She has opinions! I am not complaining at all. It just makes it harder some days to get stuff done. So the art of distraction and good snacks. That works on dad too. The snacks. 

Any plans for this weekend?

We usually spend Saturday nights at my dad's. Sitting in the hammock swing, having a campfire and playing in the tree house and sandbox. (Yup she's 18 months and has a tree house. My dad is kinda obsessed with them. Wish he would of finished mine 30 years ago!) 


Cassy G said...

Your weekend plans sound awesome. Maybe it's just because I've been so go go go, but I would love to just chill around a camp fire for an evening!

Lorena said...

So good to "hear" form you Hillary ! and Eliza is getting SO big :) so fast :(

IrishRedRose said...

Never too late for treehouses :-) Eliza is adorable!

I love your glasses and your flowered top!

I've been working on weekends, overhauling our drought-damaged landscaping. Need to plan a getaway...