Tuesday, September 23, 2014

She can't drive 55

I'm Eliza has a little car my dad got for her that is at his house. We go over every Saturday afternoon and it's one of her favorite things. We tried taking the floor board out when she first got it back in May but she almost fell right through it she was so small. Since then she started walking and gotten bigger (finally) recently. 

Saturday they tried removing it again. 

She let them know what she thought. 

She went and got it and tried to put it back in. 

She was like, guys you push me around in this. This is how it works. 

To make it up to her my dad made a gas hose for her. She pretended to fill it with her finger until now. 

Then yesterday I got a text of this. 

She's the only one year old I know with her own car, gas station and tree house with solar lights. 

Think my dad has been anxious to be a grandfather or anything?! Ha. 

He really stepped up and took on the role like my Pop was to me. Pop was my entire world. I miss him so much it hurts to breathe when I think about it. 

I really wish Eliza Poppy got to meet her name sake. But then I remember, Pop was my dad's dad, so he had the best teacher in the world to know how to be a grandfather. 


Jane said...

OMGoodness, how incredibly sweet! Your dad seems like an awesome grandpa just like your Pop! You and your beautiful Eliza are such lucky girls!! :)

Dee said...

Hi Hillary, After 5 years of enjoying your blog ("lurking") I have only one thing to say: You are awesome! Oh! and Eliza is adorable.