Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Hair update

Ok so update on the hair. I was nervous first time I washed it. It's layered like all over. I washed and flat ironed. DISLIKE

I mean like BAD! Ignore lack of makeup and pjs IF YOU CAN. 

So I tried curling a tiny bit. 

Hiding behind Eliza's pot lid cause still hot mess behind it. 
Realized I needed to step up my makeup game hardcore with the darker. She dyed it red, purple and black and it had been light for months. 

I slapped on lots of black eyeliner! Much better. As the day went on it looked better a bit wind blown. 

I'm smiling on the inside. This is my normal face. People always say crap. Dude this is just my face! I'm happy I swear. 

Luckily the kid can smile good! 

She can bitch face too. Ha. I shouldn't say that. It turned out she had a bad fever and we didn't know it. It was so hot that day we assumed she was just hot. Bad mommy!

Styling it I  realized I don't own any pomade or hairspray. Insanity right? I think I'm doing to try and DIY both today. One income makes things like hair products an unnecessary expense. I'll let you know how it turns out. 


Dave said...

Love the black chunk in the bangs, and the splash of blondeness in the lower left of the hide-my-face photo. Overall, love it!

IrishRedRose said...

Oh yes, haircut flourishes with the windblown/casual/ruffled look! It begins to have a neat 70s feel. I am "happy on the inside" too. My husband calls it morose resting face, and it served me well back when I had to ride mass transit a lot. It's really nice to see you blogging again!!