Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Baby gymnast

The kid seemingly gets bored. There really only so many places we can walk. Most involve coffee (not that I mind that)

So one night when I couldn't sleep I looked up if there are any baby dance classes. While doing that I came across a gymnastics class. I went in the next day to ask them about it and they gave us a free class. We went last weekend and she loved it... Eventually. In the beginning she was confused and the place is huge and all she wanted to do was explore. By the end of the class she really liked it, so we hoped. 

This weekend we got up to the door of the place and she tried it get out of her stroller and was yelling oooooooh! This week she loved it. She still is very small so she doesn't get most it and doesn't know how to do summer salts and stand in line. The class is up to 3 year olds. Her teachers are amazing. So patient and so encouraging. Eliza is the youngest one. She had such a blast yesterday. 

She did much better with the teacher on the bar than with us. Parents play along. I never took gymnastics and wish I had so having access to padded gym and trampolines, not gonna lie I love it! I want to see if I can still do a cartwheel. Basically my only trick. Ha. But it's been 20? Years. 

After class I was majorly impulsive and went to this salon with a 50% off services sign. I've always had issues with not liking hair cuts. Which is why I went over a year since my last one. I told the lady to do what she wanted as long as it wasn't short and dye it however and surprise me. I said I wanted edgy and funky. She did red purple black and I have no idea what else. It's all over layered.

This is what it was like before. 

It was totally fried from my home bleaching. I haven't washed it and styled it myself yet so it's gonna look a lot different I bet. I don't have time, or energy to blow dry it like she did!

The kid and I on one of our walks for coffee. Like I said there isn't much to do around here! Small town life!

How is your weekend going?


Ann Wolfe said...

She is so big!! What a cutie!!! I secretly always wanted to be a gymnast too!! HA

Jane said...

LOVE it! You hair looks awesome, and you little miss is growing by leaps and bounds. See is a gem!!

Jane said...

Geez, my spelling! This proves I type too fast to catch my mistakes. LOL!
It should read:
LOVE it! Your hair looks awesome and your little miss is growing by leaps and bounds. She is a gem!!