Saturday, May 17, 2014

The eyes have it

I have been trying to put in an effort lately. Having a baby threw off my game sartorially. I don't have clothes that fit and went from never leaving the house without makeup to hardly leaving the house with it. 

So I did a blue eyeliner eye one day and askedy friends on Facebook if it worked. 

People liked it but I got a lot of "try purple" too. So I did. 

Do you wear colored liner? It a super easy way to look like you put on makeup. Ha. I'm all about how fast can I do this before the baby tries to grab it and eat it. 


HollyElise (TropigothMama) said...

Oh WOW the purple looks amaaaazing.
Since I now have two kids, I'm all about easy liner looks... my go-to right now is Stila's eyeliner pen in black, and mascara on my lashes if I'm lucky!!

Cassy G said...

I like the purple, but I actually like the blue a lot too!

Robin said...

I like to wear blue eyeliner sometimes, but my other go-to eyeliner color is olive green. I like Urban Decay's "binge" for blue and "stash" for green (I only use UD eyeliner now, because it is the best). It is indeed a nice way to look made up with minimal products.