Sunday, May 18, 2014

Saturday night

Last weekend we spent Saturday night hanging out at my dad's. Everyone had a blast so we texted him yesterday asking if we could do it again. He hangs a hammock swing and has a campfire and cooler full of drinks. Doesn't get much better. 

Eliza isn't walking yet so we bring her little walker. She runs behind it even across the grass. As long as she physically doesn't have to touch the grad because she hates it. 
My dad surprised her with her own tiny chair and a coupe!

It's hard to tell here but her mouth was full of banana. She inhaled a whole one rather quickly!

I don't know who loved it more. Him or her. 

How is your weekend so far?

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HollyElise (TropigothMama) said...

So far my weekend has been equal parts awesome and annoying :D looks like a fun time at your Dad's :)