Saturday, May 24, 2014


I still don't quite get that I'm a "mom" I know I didn't know who I was much the past year. I'm changing that. 

Yesterday I took an "outfit" photo! Instagram style.

I am wearing the same outfit today but that same shirt in white! Ha. 

My friend sent me this pic the other day. I love it. I am so bad at all the contouring. This helped. I used way to dark bronzer though. I had to wipe it off. 

I wish I took a before. It just looks natural and shimmery. I have some bad redness before. I'm gonna try again with my lighter bronzer. Above I used ELF in st.Lucia

Which is a pretty good dupe of Nars Orgasm. I don't have it but I do have Super Orgasm which is the same color with added glitter. But you can see so close! The blush was nice the bronzer is too dark for me. I usually use Bobbi Brown Antigua. 

It's a perfect blush bronzer hybrid for fair skin with freckles. 

I am going to get new glasses tonight. I am leaning towards these. 

Come check out my Facebook I am having a $5 bibdana sale. This weekend only. Money is tight so we are trying to ramp up the business! 

How are you all this weekend?

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