Thursday, March 20, 2014

The kid turns one!

This past Friday Eliza turned one. We had a low key day on the day of her birthday. She did get a ride down the hallways on her new convertible stroller and trike. 

On Saturday we had her actual party. She was the prettier belle of the ball. She wore a vintage dress and my mom made her shoes. 

I wore vintage and H&M

The theme was peter rabbit. 

I have more pictures but these were the phone ones! :) 


Andi B said...

Happy birthday Eliza! That cake is awesome.

Colleen McCloskey said...

How nice. I'm so behind on blogging that I can't even remember if I knew you had a baby. I really like the picture of her in the high chair eating the food.

Lorena said...

Oh, baby Eliza is so beautiful Hillary !
She has grown to be darling little girl.
Happy birthday!