Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Eye eye eye

Howdy! We took the kid on her first carousel ride. She loved it! We drove up to Portland maine so I could bring stuff back to MAC for recycling. 

What I brought back on chair. What I got in my hand! 

We don't have MAC in New Hampshire. Well there is one but it's so far away it quicker to go to Mass or Maine. 

So I turned in my old concealer and am in desperate need of a new one. So it will have to be drug store. What's your favorite under eye concealer? I have a gave one I like. Help!!

The kid likes lipstick too. She was mad I took it away from her. 

Yup that's my kid! Ha!


Marianne said...

I use erase paste by benefit... Love it!

IrishRedRose said...

Drugstorewise, I've always had good luck with L'Oreal True Match in "Fair Light/neutral", and also Cover Girl Fresh Complexion undereye concealer in "Classic Ivory". I'm pale like you and these work well for me. Neither one is cakey or drying--on me, anyway, and I have pretty sensitive skin. :-)

IrishRedRose said...

*Meow* and wanted to add, your little girl is so utterly cute! She really looks like you! And those lipsticks are gorgeous...uh-oh, I feel a Mac moment coming on lol...

Lorena said...

She is solo big Hillary and solo cute.