Friday, January 24, 2014


Awhile back I was contacted by the very nice people at Wantable asking if I would like to review one of their boxes.

Wantable delivers fully coordinated beauty boxes that fit your personality and style perfectly. 

You fill out a profile and pick if you want a makeup, accessories or intimates box. I went with makeup, obviously. 

I was shocked at the quick turn around time and box I received. 

Along with the box they send a printout if why these products were chosen and more about them. 

I was really impressed by what I got. I had never heard of any of the companies but honestly I really liked everything that was sent. I am picky about my cosmetics too. The colors were perfect for me. 

The nail polish was the stand out. 

My grandmother was here when I received the package and she tried to take the polish! She instantly put it on and remarked it was just her shade. 

Subscriptions are $36 a month or $40 to buy a single box. If it was in my budget I would totally subscribe to the makeup box in a heartbeat! 

Check them out here. 



Cassy G said...

Lucky ducky. I keep thinking about getting a Wantable box (just the one-time, not a subscription) but I am very torn and can't decide which I would want to try either (makeup or accessories, the lingerie one is out for me size-wise) Glad you got so many good things! Now go hide that polish.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

That's fantastic that you were impressed with what you got. I think the idea of a monthly box is fun if you like surprises and I can see how this could help introduce someone to brands and products they wouldn't normally know about. Personally, I really prefer to pick out my own stuff (including gifts!) especially when I'm shelling out my money for it. I can't stand disappointment. That being said, the color of the polish is amazing!!