Thursday, January 02, 2014

Anniversary and then some.

IWe had a nice anniversary. We went out to breakfast! We never do that. It's very hard to find a place with an actual gluten free breakfast menu that isn't just eggs.

I had the creme brûlée French toast. My inlaws watched Eliza for us. I have only had a couple times away since she was born. Honestly this was the first time I wasn't obsessed with what she was doing. 

We finished our Christmas stockings! How rad are they?! Mines the owls. Liza is the fox. Dave the astronauts. 

Sunday we hung out with my cousins who are Eliza's godparents. She was smitten instantly with her godfather. 

And I did what I do everyday and worked on orders. I love this dalek bib! 

Made from the stocking leftovers! 

Yup. That my friends is my business. That tiny table. Ha. 

Yesterday we hung with my niece. It's so funny watching them. They're literally 24 hours apart. Eliza cooked longer though! Ha. 

My mom sent these shoes she made. I asked for a pair in my size.

I am my even remotely kidding. 

How was your weekend?!


Dave said...

Those are the cutest shoes! Dave looks great too.

Happy anniversary!

Lana Adero said...

The shoes are awesome. I kinda want a pair, too! Lol!

laniza said...

Those shoes are cute-- I kind of want my own pair, too! Lol!