Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Oh hai

hadn't planned on dropping off the internet planet. I just lost myself and am slowly trying to fix that. Yesterday I got "dressed" from the waist up. Did my hair, makeup, put on accessories and wore pajama pants. We weren't leaving the house and it was snowing out. I have to say it made me feel better. I miss all my pretty clothes. None of them fit. I weigh what I did before baby but my body is so different. I'm working on that too. 

The snow out the window made for some fabulous lighting. 

I matched the pink and teal earrings to a teal tank and my pink cat scarf. 

And matched the watch and cat ring as well. We know I love a theme. 

See I wasn't lying about the pajama pants. At least they matched! 

Earrings by me
Pajama pants nick and nora
Shirt old navy
Scarf ebay just look up cat scarf. It's $2!
Tank motherhood maternity

My blush which was from a kit Dave got me is coconut water blush from Sephora. It's awesome. It feels cool when you put it on. My face is SO freaking out with the weather change and because of Breastfeeding so I got some new concealer and Studio Fix from MAC. Which I have to order online now :( but it works fab-u-lous!! My skin almost looks flawless. Almost.  

My little peanut. I can't believe she will be 9 months old on Saturday! It's also mine and Dave's 11th wedding anniversary. 

He just shaved his head. He is supporting someone who recently lost all their hair. He's amazing. 

I got this beautiful thing in the mail today! Oh hey yeah. I'm making bibdanas for a job now. They're pretty rad. I am working on embroidering them too. 

I changed my mind about sharing her name. 

Please meet 

She was named after pop. :)

How the hell are you?!

Edited to add
Byhillary.etsy.com is my shop and use 
secretcode for 15% off. 

Here is the Facebook for the store. I post new things there and some Facebook only sales. :)



HollyElise said...

Eliza Poppy is SUCH an adorable name! Thanks for sharing :) also, glad to see you back on Ye Olde Interwebz!

Amanda Checkersumthing said...

So nice to see you here! And what a cutie!

Lynn W said...

Love both names and the special way you are remembering your Pop. She's adorable.

Lorena said...

Glad to see you're back - and I like her name, it sounds like a strong, independent woman.

Robin said...

You look beautiful.

LR @ Magnificent or Egregious said...

Nice to see you back, you look great and your little daughter is precious! What a great name.

Keep Warm (Danielle) said...

I always follow what's going on in your life on Instagram but it's so lovely that you're back here too!

Jane said...

Wow, her name is so beautiful!! She is such a beautiful little babby! Glad to see you back and about the internet! :)