Tuesday, November 12, 2013


Hey guys I have been making baby bibdanas to try and make a little money. Thought I would share if anyone is looking for a baby gift. Essentially they are drool bibs.  Keeps their clothes dry and looks cute. Also adds a little warmth because of the flannel back. Here are the designs in my shop now and more are added as I sew them. 


I also have jewelry I made in there. 

I'm training wee not to hate the pack n play so I can actually sew during day and not only at 1 am!


Cassy G said...

These are cute! I like the little gingerbread man one. I have no babies to put one on or else I would get it. Glad to see you and wee are doing ok :)

Andi B said...

Your bibdanas are adorable!