Wednesday, November 06, 2013

Autumn inspiration: A gentleman’s guide

After finally watching the Great Gatsby, I was blown away by the fashion - not only of the decadent women, but also the dapper gents. They simply radiated confidence and, in my option, I would love to see more men putting greater effort  into their everyday wardrobe, turning it into a film-set ensemble worthy of Leo himself.

So, I had a little look at top trends currently online and some great options to create a gorgeous, smart-casual look inspired by the Great Gatsby and all its fashion glory. The way to successfully create this look is by mixing and matching items from laid-back day with evening elegance. A good starting point for this look is a smart jacket. I want to mix a gorgeous dinner jacket with premium denim, quality shoes and a stylish shirt. My options are below and I’d love to know what you think…

It might be a bit pricey but this Richard James checked suit jacket is beyond classy. And trust me, would look great dressed down with denim.

Don’t ever skimp on your denim unless you want holes in thecrotch and washed-out colours. Get a decent pair and they’ll see you though season after season. These slim fit Levi's 511 B night jeans from Liquor Store are the perfect pair of classic blues. Wear them turned up a little and flash some fun socks, making sure you pair them with some super-smart polished brogues. These ASOS leather batwing brogues are perfect and scream 1920s glamour – I like to think Leo would give them his nod of approval.

With the bottom half sorted, it’s time to dress up the top. A smart shirt always look great tucked into nice jeans and quality chinos, this Givenchy checked shirt is simply perfect as it has a great vintage feel and will look amazing with my chosen jacket. Team with a dark tie and make the look pop with a fancy tie pin. If you’re feeling extra fancy, something like the luxurious Louis Vuitton Digit Tie Pin would rack up some serious Gatsby-style fashion points.

So there you go, I know it’s a rather opulent list but Gatsby was a rather stylish film. Plus, a little fashion day-dreaming never hurt anyone anyway.


Lorena said...

Great to "see" you around Hillary !
I did not see the movie but did see the collection that Tiffany did. I want it all....

Anonymous said...

I just got around to watching the movie (and reading the book) myself. LOVED the glitzy fashion!