Monday, August 26, 2013

Honest Company

We have tried really hard to be careful with what we use on Wee's skin because Dave has such sensitive skin since birth. We recently ordered the free trial from Honest company Jessica Alaba's company. It's basically free of any icky stuff you can think of and super gentle and mild. For $5.95 they send you a decent sized sample of laundry detergent, hand soap, healing balm, shampoo/body wash and face/body lotion. We were super impressed. When you get that trial it subscribes you to a monthly service but you can cancel as soon as you receive it if you don't want a subscription. This isn't a sponsored post I wanted to share our finding. If you use our referral link I do get $20 credit  (I'm not gonna lie It would be fantastic if a few people want to try via my link I desperately want to get some diapers for Wee. They're just out of my budget.) 

I learned you also can just buy from their online store without subscribing to anything. Their prices seem very decent for all organic products made in USA of ingredients that are almost edible.

Not sure if these still work but
I think you can get $10 off a $25 order if you use code invited10
Or get your wipes shipped for free with code

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