Friday, August 09, 2013

Food and cats. Not cats as food.

We have been slowly introducing solids to Wee at suggestion of her ped and my sil (also a ped who has a baby a day older) we are trying to avoid allergens and introducing early seems to be beneficial (speaking Celiac wise) So far we have done, oatmeal, bananas, avocado and sweet potatoes.
The first two times with oatmeal went ok. The second two she decided she didn't like it.
Then came bananas. SHE HATED THEM. Thats my girl!! Top two photos.
Next up was avocado. SHE LOVED IT. So much she got this happy dazed look in her eye.
Next along the journey was sweet potatoes. Her reaction was funny.
This is how I am guessing she was thinking.
ooooh what are we doing today? I am in THE chair.
Double YUCK
Hey guys that was fun what's next???
See doesn't she look like she had fun despite the horrifed faces she was making? On Facebook everyone was "WHERE IS HER BIB" she had a big blood stain down the back I discovered minutes before this and thought what the hell I am going to be soaking it anyways!
Why the stain? OY the cats have NOT got along since we moved the first time. Dave broke up a fight in the middle of the night and got it on the baby when she woke up from the fight and he went to change her.
They went from tolerating one another to Waffle beating Daisy up pretty bad. Daisy never fights back either. Last week Waffle got hurt and ended up at the vet so we went back today and they are going to try kitty prozac. They can't continue on this way. We were worried someone was gonna get very hurt. Plus they can't do this around the baby!!
She ripped her toe nail so it was standing straight up out of the top of her paw. She had to have the nail removed but luckily the quick was still there just removed a bit from skin. ugh. I was home alone with baby when it happened. Which makes it nice we moved home cause I called my dad to come help. I had a bleeding cat and a baby and wasn't sure what to do! I couldnt get close enough to waffle to see what it was. I just kept stick her paw in corn starch to stop the bleeding.
One more cute baby pic after scary cat story!
Some people asked why we moved twice. Well it was quite the ordeal. We had asked our landlord to stay a month after our lease and he kinda said yes but not offically. Our new apartment in New Hampshire wasn't going to be completed until July 1 and our lease in Mass was up May 31. He never did tell us no then the realtor told us new people were moving in 3 weeks before the end of the month! So we ended up moving the week before lease was up because the timing of the 1st sucked. We stayed with Dave's parents for 5 weeks with our stuff in storage 45 minutes away in our new town. Then on July 1st we moved into our new place and got all our stuff from storage. It was hard packing for a quickly growing baby for 5 weeks!!
How are you guys doing? I haven't checked out blogs in way too long and am not sure how now that google reader is gone!!
pardon the formatting. I am doing this on my ipad and it looks fine in the app and once I post it totally mucks it up. eh. Can't win them all!


Heather said...

Cutest baby ever!!!!! Avocado is amazing - I agree with her. I really see Dave in the dazed look she has (not because he looks dazed...).

I'm really sorry to hear the kittys are not getting along. :(

paisleyapron said...

Your baby is super adorable. Enjoy every minute (as I look at my 14 year old boy with the gravelly voice). I switched over to feedly and it is awesome. I do not miss Google Reader at all. It works well on the ipad too.

laniza said...

1. I hope that the kitty prozac works.
2. I take it you're a stay at home mom? I'd love to read your thoughts on this topic.
3. I haven't visited New Hampshire, however I'm from western Mass. Are there many differences between NH versus MA?

Katie said...

So glad to see you posting! Wee is beautiful! =)

IrishRedRose said...

Wee is so cute and expressive. I love the avocado face...I think I make that expression myself when I eat avocado... :-)

As for the kitties--based on past experiences, it's probably mega-moving stress. With a little time and beginning to feel more safe and settled again, they should calm down. Mine have been just like that after moves, especially one really difficult one. We were ALL stressed. BF and I were arguing, the cats were arguing.

There's this product called Feliway you might want to google and try, too. A kitty calmer, a spray that replicates their marking scents so they feel safe where you spray it. It's had a high success rate with my cat gang. Good luck!!! and, yes, it's really nice to see you posting again.

byhillary said...

The cats fight in front of the feline diffusers! They are settling in its just getting worse and scary. Someone is gonna be seriously hurt and it can't keep happening near baby.

Lorena said...

How odd the cats are fighting NOW it seemed like they got along well.
How do they behave with Wee ?
She is SO BIG my Gosh and so cute!