Saturday, August 10, 2013

Faux Shellac

When my mom was here visiting she told me about this technique she saw on YouTube to do a super easy, no lamp needed Shellac/Gel type treatment to your polish to make it last longer and be hard and shiny like when you have it done. I can't find the video she showed me but I can explain the process just the same.
You only need to buy 1 product and it is a bout $5 at Sally's. But I recommend getting a really good top coat too like Seche Vite if you really want it to dry fast and last even longer.
The product is called Gelous Advanced Nail Gel Coat and it works with ANY polish you already have. Here I used Ballet Slippers from Essie which happens to be the polish I wore to my wedding in 2002!
Step one. Paint your nails with a thin coat of Gelous let dry a minute or so.
Step two. Paint a second thin coat of Gelous and let dry a minute or so.
Step three. Paint a coat of the nail polish color of your choosing.
Step four. Paint a coat of Gelous and let dry a minute or so.
Step five. Paint a coat of your nail polish.
Step six. Paint a coat of the top coat of your choosing, which should be Seche Vite cause it's the cats pajamas.
Left than right hand. This is day 5! Normally I can't go more than 2 days without screwing it up. The spot on my left hand is from slamming my finger in the door. I haven't left it on more than a week because I got bored but I got a solid week out of my Lincoln Park After Dark look below, with no chips.
Currently I am sporting a color I can only describe as Safety Orange. It doesn't even show up on camera right its so obnoxious.
You probably won't get a whole two weeks out of it like if you have Shellac done but you will get a lot longer than usual. But if you aren't hard on your hands or you don't have thin nails like I do then you probably will.
BUT even if you don't it's $5 for heck I dunno 20 manicures AND it is not hard to remove AT ALL. No soaking, no scrubbing like Shellac and you can do it in any color you like!


Suzi Q said...

I love the wearing Power. For me to get 8 days is a miracle, I am super hard on my nails and this "helps" it's longevity

Suzi Q said...

and pleasantly noted that my nails are not yellow nor stained even using dark polish.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

I'm going to have to give this a try, because, on YOUR advice I tried the Seche Vite and it is INDEED the cat's pajamas.

LisaJ said...

Went to Sally's and purchased immediately after reading this post. Have used it on two manicures so far and love it! Love the smooth finish and polish wears a little nicer for me too. Thanks for the info and post!

LisaJ said...

Went to Sally's immediately after reading this post. Love this product! Great finish and definitely extends the life of my manicure. Thanks for posting and sharing the information!