Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Closet clean out.

I am cleaning out my closet and going to be selling off a lot of stuff. Not working anymore I don't need a lot of it. Kinda kills me but after moving twice this year I can't keep lugging it around if it isn't getting used. Let someone else give it a new life. I am slowly adding things to Poshmark at a suggestion of a friend. I'm too shy to go to a consignment shop.

Here's my stuff here

I am slowly adding more things as the baby allows me a moment! :)


LAPT said...

Hey, Hillary! I would be interested in purchasing the leopard print MK pumps! I'm moving this weekend so things are crazy at my place, but I could use those heels for my new job... Letting you know I'm interested--if they sell before I can pull the trigger, it's alright. :-)

Lorena said...

Wish u were a size 6.... the printed MKs are gorgeous.

IrishRedRose said...

You have lovely things, but I knew that. :-) We wear the same shoe size and have similar taste, so I'll keep an eye on your listing. I can't remember if you've ever talked about EBay, but do you think Poshmark's better? I've been looking for a less stressful place to sell my stuff. Good luck with your listings!!