Thursday, May 30, 2013

What's in my bag - baby edition

Since having a baby I stopped carrying a purse. That us gonna change though because I miss my purses! In the past 11 weeks I've just been shoving everything into the diaper bag. While this is vastly different than my last what's in my bag, one thing is the same. Too many lip products!
Muslin swaddle, used to cover car seat or stroller from sun. Homemade nursing cover from mil and piddle pad. Never nursed in public yet. I'm a wuss and don't know how to do it without a boppy or bed! Diapers. We are still using up the gifted ones! Spare outfit for baby, sun hat and scratch mittens.
Rolled owl thing is a homemade changing pad from my mil. We forgot the one that came with bag at a store :( red pouch came with bag filled with baby things, diaper cream and baby cream. Cortizone for me. I'm so itchy lately!! And extra pacis on holders my mom made the leopard one. My wallet. Leopard pouch with some makeup for me, tissues from Japan! Stress oil and band aids, pen and eyeglasses cloth. The blue thing is scented bags to put soiled diapers or clothes in. Paci wipes. After dropping her only paci on floor of Jo-Ann's I now have 3 backups and wipes!!!! Diaper wipe case, chewy toy. She isn't using it yet. We just got it because she is getting close to toy stage.
Our bag is the Nixon Jonathan Adler for Skip Hop. It was the one Dave picked out and we both loved how it wasn't diaper bag like or overly feminine like so many are.
So tell me what's in your bag??
I have been super MIA lately. I quit my job and we are in the process of moving. We are "homeless" for a month while our new place is being finished and are staying with family. We were surprised they were able to rent our apartment we were a mile from the bomber in the boat. The realtor was suppose to show our apartment literally an hour before they found him but we were all on lockdown and not allowed to leave our home! So scary.


meet vann said...

I'm with u! I can only nurse with boppy or bed!
Fun bag! I am trying to organize mine still so that I can actually find things in it

Mystère said...

Which kind of diapers did you end up going with, if you don't mind me asking? I love that so much of your stuff is homemade - the owl changing pad is so cute!

That is so scary that you were that close to the bomber in the boat. Congratulations on the new place! :)

byhillary said...

We actually haven't picked diapers yet. We were gifted with cartons of pampers swaddlers a case of huggies pure and natural and two packages of seventh generation.

Once we are through with those will start looking into it more.

These here are the pampers. I liked the huggies because they were natural cotton but they have so many damn blowouts. The seventh gen were nice but puffed up huge when wet. These are great but obviously the least natural. But they were a gift so we plan to use them up.

We bought some Naty which are a natural biodegrade kind. They are nice. They have more blowouts than pampers and they have a weird crunchy plastic outside.

Lorena said...

I like the fact that your bag is unisex, i think it's a great choice for you both :)
Good luck on moving!