Wednesday, May 01, 2013

New accessory

I keep meaning to post but babies man they just rock your world and you forget about things like blogs. I wonder if I should post all those pregnant outfit photos saved in a folder I never got around to posting.

First off. I chopped my hair. I hadn't intended on it. My normally very amazing lady who does exactly what I ask... Apparently left her ears at home that day. It's about 4-5 inches shorter than I asked for. I don't dislike it but its too short to put in a hair tie which is problematic for a mom. This is why I only cut my hair once a year. This was the only time I was away from Wee in 7 weeks. It was 45 minutes and it sucked.  She was literally1/10th a mile away and I was edgy. Full disclosure I  battling severe PPD. I will write a full post about it because I feel like it isn't talked about enough and I didn't know it could happen to me. I got help quick though so I am doing better but the idea of being away from her isn't something I can do yet. Baby steps. Literally. 

I'll be honest most days I don't get dressed. I'm not in a routine yet and we are moving and pjs are comfy and I've had company.... Excuse excuse.

But when Dave is home on weekend I used it as an excuse to take a shower that was longer than a minute and put on actual clothes! I also used my new magic trick. If you put on lipstick and sunglasses it looks like you made an effort and no one notices the unbrushed hair and no makeup!


Tiered top and polka for jeans Target. Can you believe I am wearing skinny jeans? My aunt Sam visited and she was rocking a pair and looked so damn cute I had to get a pair.
Sweater NY and Co. It's at least 5 years old.
Dansko Thea sandals
Skip Hop diaper bag
Baby made by us

I'm attempting to post from phone so formatting might be super wacky! I'm currently under the baby :)


Dave said...

So sorry you are suffering from PPD. I know little about it, but I hope it passes quickly. Anything that detracts from the joy of your new loved one sucks.

I know you be shocked when I day that I love your hair. Lol

Cassykins said...

I actually really like this cut on you, but I can see where it would be an issue as far as getting in the way (or being exciting for tiny baby hands to pull on)

Heather said...

Polka dot jeans!!! You are looking great and tell us any excuse you want - we'll listen and smile and be happy for you no matter what you are wearing or not wearing. Its because we're your cheerleaders.

Lorena said...

Congrats again on your baby !

heather said...

I love the new cut, but would have the same issue with not being able to pull it into a pony tail.
With your sunglasses you look very meryl streep. And that is a good thing.
I am sorry you are going through PPD.

Jane said...

I hope the PPD resolves asap!
I love your new hair, it looks beautiful on you.

grace said...

Sorry to hear about the PPD. The first weeks/months are insane, but it does get easier. Promise. And you look fantastic.

Anonymous said...

Love the new hair, but, yeah, that's frustrating to have a stylist decide you're going shorter without your permission.

I'm so sorry about the PPD. I struggled with it with both my kids and it made things about a million times harder to handle. I'm so glad you were able to get help quickly instead of wading through it alone.