Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Baby fashions

Wee likes to boogie down and she has unique sense of fashion. Ok maybe Dave does who dresses her many days.
In order of wearing

1.Gymboree onesie from Grammy lala. Unicorn pants from yard sale 8 years ago. Headband from Carter's.

2.Carter's onesie from Grammy Ivy. Sweatshirt from boys clearance at Target. Leg warmers Dave made from Target Clearance socks.

3. Baby Liberace pjs from my gram. Her great gram they are from Babies R Us

4. Target Carter's onesie and hand me down Carter's pants

5. Brown monkey pjs Old Navy

6. Hello Kitty outfit from Dave's boss

7. Pink monkey pjs from Grammy Suzy they are from Cracker Barrel. Seriously!

8. Carter's onesie from great auntie Betsy, Carter's pants from me. socks from Babies R Us and turban from Grammy Suzy

9. Carter's outfit I got entire outfit on clearance for $6

10. Fancy organic gown and too big hat by Barn Organics from Auntie Heather

11. This was last night I love this one I put it together. All Carter's from me but shoes from Grammy Suzy


Cassykins said...

I read this entire post imagining these are the things that Dave wishes he could wear were he a small female baby, lol. Very cute!

Heather said...

hehe I like Cassykins' comment! umm also Unicorn Pants! Awesome. She is so stylish.

Lorena said...

You have a gorgeous tiny model in the making !
Oh I knew she could not be missing a Hello Kitty something.

Stacey said...

adorable!! and great fashion sense :)

Jane said...

Could Wee be any cuter??
Meanwhile, I need a pair of those Unicorn pants. I LOVE! :)

Chalkdust and Boots said...

Ach, adorable! I've become a big fan of Carter's and your Wee wears it well!

laniza said...

How precious! Carter's makes the best clothes for babies.

Anonymous said...

She's such a doll and looks so adorable posing in all these outfits! The baby turban cracks me up!