Monday, February 25, 2013

The BIG stuff (Nesting) ugh.

OOPS this post is two months old but apparently never was published. Here it is now....

The phrase nesting makes my skin crawl. I feel I have not been emotional at all this entire time. (Dave agrees. Seriously he does. He isn't scared of me, he is honest) Business as usual. Did I get sick. HELL YES. Did I worry? HELL YES. But no more than I always did my other 34 years. I haven't cried ONCE. (I take it back, but it was at a funeral.) But my "omg we must have the STUFF in the house NOW" has kicked into high gear. Call it nesting if you will, just don't make a big deal about it :P A blog reader who morphed into a friend had her beautiful baby boy at 31(?) weeks over the holidays so I kinda got scared and wanted it all in arms reach JUST IN CASE.

wees stuff

Sheets are clearance at Target. Online they are twice the price.
Humidifier I love this thing. My only complaint is that it lights up and you can't turn it off. We have been using it for about a month. The cats love it too. No more dry paws.
Boppy Bought in store at Target because I had a gift card.
Crib Note this is about half the price at Toys R Us I just refuse to link to them. My inlaws kindly bought us this crib with a "coupon" for setting it up too!
Diaper Pail Bought in store at Target because I had gift card. Cheaper on Amazon though.
Ergo Baby Carrier We bought in store at Target but I can't find it online as cheap as it is on Amazon.
Graco Pack 'N Play My mom got the color way we have at BuyBuyBaby in store I believe.
Stroller and Car Seat Gift from my dad and step mother. I can't even tell you how hilarious this was first time testing it out. It took FIVE people to figure out why the car seat was stuck to the stroller. It was because I was stupid and had latched something I wasn't supposed to latch. Gram was off camera reading instructions. I was laughing and taking pictures. I researched strollers and car seats a LOT. I will be honest there is a $700 stroller I am like madly in love with. I can't stop drooling over it when I see it. But lets be real this will do the job that will AND it came with a car seat which cost $220 ON TOP of a stroller if we got them separate. I was a bit I won't say sad but you know wistful wanting the nice one but being realistic and picking this one. I didn't even tell family about the fancy one. When we were setting this one up my dad who is very much a straight shooter and WILL tell you like it is regardless of how it will make you feel,  kept saying how nice this was and how well built and great design and how impressed he was with it. That made me realize I picked good. I purposefully picked on that all the cloth came off and could be washed. And the frame was mostly metal and not plastic. It also sets up one handed.


Nothing is assembled and in place. Nothing is in it's place but we have all the big (size and cost) "needs" for Wee in our possession. (the little stuff can wait, so can the "wants") The crib technically is in another state until we move but it has been purchased. Eventually it turns into a bed and a nightstand. She is going to sleep in a Pack n Play until we move. That isn't the exact color way we got. Well it is but the colors are in different spots. It is mostly brown skirt and edging with soft teal accents. We got everything in neutrals. If we are to have more kids I don't want to rebuy things. Much to my mom and gram's chagrin nothing is pink. That is what her clothes is for!  Not to mention I have been scoping out everyone else's stuff for the past 8 months and dude... people who have pink strollers and car seats? Um they tend to look grubby. Why not buy it in grubby color to hide as much grubby as possible I say?! That is why the Pack n Play has brown sides too on the one we picked. The ones in store in the light colors? EW! It is meant to be moved often. It gets mucky from your hands.  Even if I knew for certain if I had more kids and all them are going to be girls I still would of went the route we did. I mean come on a grey carrier? HOW CUTE IS THAT?

One very crucial thing missing? Diapers. LORDY why is that all so hard? I don't want to fill the landfills. I don't want to go broke. We can't do cloth until we move. We have ones we think we might use but are going to kinda wing it.

If we do end up being able to successfully do cloth diapers that diaper pail is going to be the most kick ass kitty litter disposal unit ever. Seriously it is PERFECT. Hides odors, wraps it up, would nest nicely next to box for easy scooping. I don't know why we never thought of it. Heck we may get one just for that. Maybe we can get the cats to scoop their own poop it is so easy.

I forgot we also have a swing from grandma. It is so friggin cute.

It goes in both directions. I hope she likes it. If not Waffle will. Waffle loves to rock herself on the rocking chair. She figured it out and now spends hours in it.

Edited to add. Waffle let me test the carrier out with her. SHE LOVED IT.
photo 1.JPG
photo 2.JPG


Teresa Kulupka said...

oh boy i remember the nesting instinct. or as i remember it, raving psychopath lunatic instinct. i was nuts about how everything needed to be done.

thankfully we all survived.

Lorena said...

I am sure you will do fine and everything will be in place by the time Wee arrives. You and Dve make a good team :)
I had a friend who painted baby's room and assembled the crib during the baby's arrival and the day after.
I would have killed him!

Marie @ Lemondrop Vintage said...

Mine came early and I didn't have anything ready, so I agree, get in the stuff. I had even had a checkup the day before labor hit and the dr said I looked great to make it to the end! But it worked out, and the pack and play is great because I want him in my room for a while anyway. Waffle is so talented!

byhillary said...

I just added two pictures above. Of waffle and the carrier.

Bridgett Hodges said...

you are so lucky you haven't had the raging hormone emotions. it was pretty bad for me, but I am pretty emotional anyway. I wonder if you will get emotional afterwards. I definitely was crying a lot after I had Milo, but I guess I had different circumstances with him being in the nicu.

I like everything you guys got. we kinda went with more neutral type colors too. our pack n play is black with light blue and dark and light gray accents. our stroller and carseat are blues and grays. we have had him sleeping in our room in a small bassinet and haven't really used his crib at all.

good luck deciding what to do for diapers. we bought a ton of cloth diapers and I was very excited about it. it really hasn't worked out so far. I think in part because of him being in the nicu and us getting used to changing him with disposables there. then when he got home he was still too small for most of our smallest diapers so we had lots of leaks. also the bulk of our newborn stash is prefolds and covers and we just don't like them. they get soaked so much faster than disposables, need to be changed more often, smell worse, etc. So now we are using disposables and I hate spending the money and the idea of it. Hoping that we can switch over to cloth. Did you guys get cloth wipies? We are using cloth and we love it. we bought a wipes container and we soak the wipes in water with some baby wash, ring them out, and put them in the container. we have a hanging wet bag on our changing table to put them in.

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

I probably was more emotional than I remember, but I do recall watching the news one night and seeing some story about some boys who had tortured a dog, and I bawled and bawled. Not just for the dog, but because those boys were some poor mothers' sons and they must have done something to mess them up badly, and what if I sucked as a mother too? I eventually stopped watching the news because I kept thinking, "That murderer's mother must be so sad to see what a punk she raised."

Good call on the choice of darker items. No matter how careful you are, they will eventually get puked on (or worse) and messed up.

The pictures with Waffle are so CUTE!!

Cindy said...

That is the cutest thing - a cat in a baby carrier. Waffle is a smart kitty.