Monday, February 25, 2013

Maternity photo

I have dozens of backlog photos. But I want to fix them up before posting. What can I say I just have been majorly unmotivated in the blogging department. The lack of interest in the posts kinda nailed it too. Eh. Can't win them all. But I did win one thing.

My "maternity" photo. I started it all out taking weekly belly shots. Lets be honest I HATED IT. I always wanted to skip it. So eventually I did. My self esteem just couldn't handle it. I then stuck to Instagram casual photos for bump watch so to speak.

Dave and I wanted to do some maternity photos but with the snow every single weekend the past month it has been kinda hard figuring out what to do. I took inspiration from Pinterest and my favorite wedding photo and we went with something less traditional.

photo 2.JPG

I really wish we had taken a zoomed out shot. That way you could of seen the cowboy pj pant bottoms, the slippers, the fact that this "dress" wasn't much of a dress anymore and that we were both standing on a board on the top of an ottoman.

I always loved this photo from my wedding so it was part of the inspiration.

favorite photo of me

And as a reminder as it has been awhile our original announcement photo.

photo 1.JPG

Which I jokingly "improved upon" for Facebook once we knew it was a girl.


I like how our photo came out, its "US". I took some actual belly shots but those will NEVER been seen on the internet. :) I was clothed, they aren't risque but no one needs to see how pale my belly is. Ever. Lets just say my arms are tan in comparison.

Edited to add. I wish you could tell but the charm bracelet on my right wrist is this. A Pisces charm. Dave got it for me for Valentine's day. It is the babies sign. When he gave it to me there were 4 days before it kicked into that sign and he blurted out as I opened it. "The lady said I can return it if she comes in the next 4 days!"

Got my Vallytimes prize early! Wee's zodiac sign and a charm for my bracelet!

The two bracelets on my left are my Pop bracelet and my wedding bracelet. I wanted to put little special touches in to make it more special. Pop isn't here physically but he is always with me.


Bridgett said...

The pic is really cute. I miss your "bumpdates".

byhillary said...

the ones where I would write out what was happening that week or the pics? Cause you see all the pics on instagram. It was the same thing every week so I stopped. I didn't get over being sick every week. I didn't get cravings, I wasn't gaining... Seemed trite.

Teresa Kulupka said...

i can totally see a picture frame with both your wedding bouquet pictures and your belly picture. very cute!

Lorena said...

Oh i like your wedding picture used as an inspiration.
Have you thought of taking some with a similar flower bouquet ?

byhillary said...

Lorena that would of been a great idea for our wedding anniversary last year! Maybe for our 15th.

grace said...

Aww, I love that picture! I felt the same way re: blogging while pregnant and immediately post-partum. I don't know if it's bothering you, but if it is, please don't worry, it will come back. You just focus elsewhere for a while.

I'm so excited for you!

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

I really love the maternity photo with Dave. Classic. Awesome.

I'm guess I'm a little sad I didn't get more photos of me pregnant because I let my pride get in the way. (A 70 lb. weight gain tends to mess with one's self esteem...) ;)

IrishRedRose said...

That's a really striking photo! I love the composition and the colors, and how his hand is resting on your arm. It has a great feel to it. And Waffle...oh the cuteness. Such a lovely girl. I bet she will love being an aunt! (Big sister? lol) Totally agree about the color thing--I hate grubby baby stuff. I wish that kind of thing came in dark red, though! A red-loving friend of mine looked high and low for her first kid, but no dice. I hope your head is feeling better!! You're being so brave about that. A nine-month headache? Yeegh. I would be living on chocolate to compensate. ;-)