Thursday, January 31, 2013

Winter got ya down?

Winter weather sucks even with a normal sized wardrobe. But when you are on a limited wardrobe you can get even more grumpy each morning getting dressed. I love black white and grey. They are my homeboys but that is mostly all I have in maternity clothes so I have been wearing a lot of scarves to liven it all up in the sub-arctic temps we have been having.

I haven't even been able to do my winter layering with extra tights and turtlenecks because I don't have maternity ones! Yesterday and today were freaks of weather nature and in the 50's!!! You better believe I pulled out some dresses!

Dress and reversible Motherhood Maternity,  (yup I wore the cardigan three days in a row) Leggings H&M Maternity, Boots Clarks.

The funny thing about dresses, or these in particular is how much they ACCENTUATE the bump. People at work were shocked because compared to the day before it looks like I grew.  See the day before in comparison!

Like my new "prop" I kid calling it a prop but it does make a nice place to stand for a picture. My work was selling them off so I snatched one up. I was very unpopular that day. It was a first come first serve sale and apparently I got the one "everyone wanted" or so I was told by lots of grumpy librarians. You snooze you lose dudes.

I was standing crooked so the dress is doing an odd thing in the middle there. Right at boob level. It doesn't look like that when I stand up I hope.

Dress, Leggings and cardigan Motherhood Maternity, Boots Clarks.

Overall I was MUCH happier in dresses the past two days then I have been in months. Everything else is just too uncomfortable right now. If my body wasn't so stubborn and had such issues getting pregnant I'd plan to be pregnant in the summer next time! OY dresses galore. Nothing belly binding!

I have been having horrific back pains this week. Awful horrible. So I begged Dave to do something after work. Anything. Told him it didn't matter what it was as long as I got to walk around.

I didn't want to go home and sit on the couch and hurt some more. He took me to Chestnut Hill mall and got me a chair massage. OMG Best 10 minutes of my life in a long time. He kept saying do it longer but I felt bad. I decided I don't feel bad now. I am so going back. SOON. The lady propped towels on the chair so I could drape myself and not crush the belly. She was awesome. I had a maternity massage for Christmas and that was wonderful but on the gentle side, sometimes you just need a small woman to dig her elbow into your back. He also got me some Lush goodies and I went home and took an insanely long shower with my shower chair. I don't enjoy baths at all. I am allergic to bubble bath and honestly I don't fit UNDER the water.

Yes I bought a chair for the shower. It's just a plastic folding chair but it was life changing. I can shave my legs. I can sit and relax and not worry about toppling over. It folds up flat and fits behind the bathroom door. It was $10 in the office section of Target.

Here is me in the same dresses back in October.


2012-10-05 18.10.43

I gave up on the weekly updates. I just felt complain-y Janey and I felt bad because I try not to be that person and I know people have it MUCH worse than I do. I've had a headache since the first week of August and my morning sickness never went away the entire time and food is still an issue. I have to force feed myself during the day and I hate any and all food. Still can't brush without heaving either.

BUT BUT BUT! As of this morning I have gained 13 lbs. I am unusually proud of myself. While I have struggled with how I looked this whole time and any weight gain was hard at first to palette after years of Weight Watchers trying to keep my weight. But for the longest time I wasn't gaining. I was so sick I just couldn't put on weight and it made me feel like a bad mom. How was she supposed to grow big and strong if I wasn't gaining. My doctor assured me time and time again that they are little parasites and will literally suck you dry so any food was fine no matter how little. Friends recommend lots of things and I did things like snacked on fatty nuts, protein packed shakes, butter and milk in things instead of my Smart Balance and rice milk. I am measuring exactly on target week wise and even if I didn't technically HAVE to gain weight according to my doctor I felt it was setting me up better for after. I know lots of people who were so malnourished when they gave birth because of that same issues. (Waves HI MOM)

I look forward to enjoying food again. To eating and not instantly wanting to be sick. To know what all those crazy people were talking about when they said pregnant women have cravings? (to them I say, NOT EVERYONE DUDE)


Cassykins said...

I'm totally jealous of your card catalog. I used to love just flipping through them back in middle school. By high school they were gone and I was sad.

meet vann said...

I wish there was a way to REPLY on my blog!

In re: your comment on my post about the breast pump- I called BCBS last week before ordering the pump and they would only cover manual ones :( bummer!

lawyerdoll said...

I'm also jealous of the card catalog... it would be great to keep so many goodies in!

You look great, I do see what you mean about maternity clothes accentuating the bump. But that's OK, your'e pregnant!