Wednesday, January 09, 2013

Wee's baby shower

Oh how I hate the phrase baby shower. Why I don't know. I kept calling it a baby party. Mostly because I wanted my dad there and every time someone said shower he made a face. Since my shower he attended ANOTHER shower so now I think he is over his whole "that is a girls thing" mentality. I will say he never once put up a fuss when I said he was coming. He just made a face. If you know my dad you know the face. It looks a lot like this.

mah dad

My shower was a family affair. My mom flew up from Florida, my dad and step mom and gram were there along with Dave's family. We had quite a crew and that was with a bunch of people unable to come. (The plague was going around.)

I was crazy nervous before the party. I don't like attention. I get all uncomfortable, especially since I don't see everyone for a long time. But I LOVE having everyone I love all in one spot at the same time. My aunt and cousin were missing or it would of been literally my whole family. I love my family intermingling with Dave's family too. We get to see both of them but not too often together so any excuse to bring them all together I say LETS DO THIS.

This was the scene when we arrived. My mom flew in the day before and actually spent the night with my baby cousin (at the sink) who lives one town over from my inlaws. I was so nervous she wouldn't have a good time. I don't know her very well we've always lived in different states. I know when we are together we have fun but we are about 14 years apart and go so long in between seeing one another. Her and my friend I had brought totally hit it off. It was cute they are 15 years apart but everyone thought my friend went to college with my cousin they didn't realize I had brought her up with me from Boston. She was loving being mistaken for a 20 year old!

Isn't my cousin B the cutest ever? She is SO TALL, shes slouching for me here! She doesn't get that from our side of the family. (our mom's are sisters)

There was so much yummy food and I didn't have almost any of it! My nerves got the better of me. I am kicking myself looking back at the pictures. This is only ONE table of it there were multiple!

 Oh and there was a cotton candy machine! For my SIL wedding earlier this year my MIL was talking about how did you know you could rent cotton candy machines? I said WHY DIDN'T YOU GET ONE THEN? So what did her and my mom do? They bought me one! I haven't taken it home yet. It is so neat you use one hard candy to make it. You smash it up and put it in.

2012-12-08 15.41.33

The machine got a lot of laughs for sure.

2012-12-08 15.42.59

2012-12-08 15.53.40

2012-12-08 15.59.20

Gram was being so silly. She kept saying she had never had it. I know for a fact she has. She also said it tasted funny but it was made out of a starlight peppermint just like the 28392 you find in the bottom of her purse!

 I was pretty adamant about not being "embarrassed" with any games. No diaper games, no drinking a bottle games, no measuring me games!!! Instead we played a guess who game where people had to guess who said what Dave or I? It was as if we said it when we are five and there was multiple choice.

We also played "MY WATER BROKE!" everyone got an ice cube with a baby in it and who ever had their baby pop to the top of their glass first one. My great aunt won and she totally admitted she cheated with a warm beverage!

 The funniest game was one that my mom and MIL made up. My mom found these little girl ducks and she didn't know what to do with them but knew she had to get them. So her and MIL came up with "Pluck a Duck" they used the jar from our wedding.  Each duck was tied to a string and 6 of them had an apple on the bottom. Who ever got the apple won a prize!

I didn't win a prize. But my cousin and friend did. I hear they also cheated :) (No seriously, I am not being a sore loser they were scoping out the ducks ahead of time) Dave's cousin's little boy was very concerned about all the ducks and kept asking for skizors to set them free.

2012-12-08 15.25.24

We played the game again this weekend at my SIL's party. I didn't win again this time. My stepmom did though and gave me her prize ;) I need to remember to grab a duck or two for Wee next time we are in NH. I think we are done with the baby showers for awhile!

There was a lot of presents. OH MY DAMN. I was in shock. I mean maybe it was ignorant of me but I didn't expect it. It was 90% clothes. People like to buy little girl clothes! OH MY! I was super clever and came up with a great way to remember who gave us what. I took everyone's picture with their present. I highly recommend it if you are every in a similar situation. No matter how good your list you write at the party is you get home and you have no idea who gave you the pink onesie with the tiny flowers over the one with the hearts.

When I opened the raccoon I bet half the people in the room were like "WHY a raccoon?" I yelled out ROCCA!!!!! and my head whipped around from my dad on one side of the room and my mom on the other because the package wasn't labeled. When I was little I had a stuffed raccoon (hey you had a teddy, now that is weird to me! ha)
I named him Rocky after the Beatles song. He then became Rocca. There were two Roccas because something happened at one point but no one is sure how the first one bet his fate. The smile shared between my parents across the room just was priceless. They may of split up 30 years ago but they will always remember their insane child flipping out over her missing raccoon.

My family doesn't have a serious bone in their body. If a joke can be made it will be. Doesn't matter who is in the room or how appropriate it is. This was my favorite part all day. Dave was opening the box of the plaque my dad is holding in a photo above. It had all this shrizzle shred on top so we were pulling it out in handfuls and shoving it in a bag to see what was in the box. Gram busts out "is that a box of marijuana?!" Hence my face. WHAT? She is 83. She says some funny stuff but this took the cake. I replied. Yes gram, your son gave me a box of marijuana, he thought it would help with labor!"

I wanted to make sure I thanked everyone profusely but I didn't want to write some drone cards "thank you for the 4 onesies and yellow socks" what fun is that? What fun is that to get too? Oh yes you know what I got you. So I set up this elaborate photo shoot. I spent hours taking absolutely everything we had for Wee and everything we got and making it look like a Baby Boutique. We even got out the lighting equipment and posed the animals to make them look like they were having fun. (The raccoon kept looking menacing. No joke.)

Every time we took a shot I had to reassess that you could see each and every item from the shower so people could identify what they gave. I then used a service to have glossy cards printed out an mailed to everyone RIGHT FROM MY IPHONE. Dude I love technology.


Lorena said...

I get you, i don't like the word shower either -
It looks like you had a great time and most important family came !
I like the games you played too ! because it's not the usual embarrassing games. I was at a baby shower once where they had baby food and removed the label. Participants had to guess the flavor of the food, which included chicken liver and spinach.
I think after all those presents, the only thing missing is Wee.

Teresa Kulupka said...

so glad you had fun at your showers. i requested no silly games too, i just can't deal with fake poopy diapers.

i love that caterpillar rocking horse! so cute!

Cassykins said...

So glad your "shower" went well, it looks like it was a blast. And yes, the raccoon does look a little menacing. He can be Wee's protector, though :)

byhillary said...

My wallet wishes that was true! We were lacking a lot of necessities but we've slowly been buying those since the shower which was a month ago

Like she had onesies in all sizes and no pants or sweaters and she's born in middle of winter. Diapers, place to sleep, sheets, tub, bottles, etc. we got mostly "cute" stuff and some needed things.

I'm super grateful for all it though because less I have to buy!

EvaNadine said...

dude. what an ADORABLE idea for a thankyou card! totally stealing this one for the day we have kids. :)

grace said...

Looks like a great shower! I just had a good time picking things we also have out from your picture--car seat, swing, car mirror, grooming set, piggy bank! I'm so excited for you!

byhillary said...

@grace no grooming set! Do I need one?!

Stacey said...

I totally love reading about your family and the fun y'all (sorry I'm from TN) have ;) I absolutely love the raccoon!! Congratulations!!

Jane said...

Totally AWESOME! :)