Friday, January 04, 2013

Our break. Pic heavy!

Back to work. No more vacation. WOMP WOMP.

I was off from December 22nd through December 1st. One of the few perks of working for a school. Dave took that time off to coincide with me. We plan it that way each year because we want to maximize our time together.

We had a nice time off. We went to NH for 3 days and had 2 family Christmastimes up there.

I will make two posts because I have way too many photos.

Xmas eve at the inlaws

This was earlier in the day before we left home. Waffle was a huge snuggle buddy all week.


My MIL always makes a ton of desserts. This time there were blueberry and lemon mini pies, mini pecan, cookie bars and magic bars. I had one of tiny pecans and kicked myself for not taking some home. I brought the magic bars to my families house for xmas day and they DEVOURED them. Doh!

Sadly ONLY photo of Dave all day. he was the one this time taking all the pictures.

Everyone gets a new ornament here is FIL putting his up. The ones of the rest of us we were all making faces. There was a lot of faces that day. What is up with this one?? Enlarge if necessary. It must of been at something funny cause SIL is laughing. 

The girls always get matching presents. We are told to hold up packages and compare before opening. I've said it for the past 15 years we wouldn't know until the other one opened it! Silly! They usually are in a different color though. Here it's nightgowns.

Speaking of faces. My MIL makes the funniest when a camera is on her. I will be nice and post this sweet one though. I know where Dave gets it from though! ha. I hope my little girl has just a little of that in her.


Christmas day we went to my dad's then my gram's. No pics from Dad's house.

GAH. There are SIX of these photos and not a single one where someone wasn't eating or looking angry which is funny because we were all laughing through the whole thing. You now know where I get my serious face from. My family is NOTHING close to serious though. The other couple is gram's littlesr brother and his wife.

Unfortunately my uncle was sick but if you added him to this photo, this is my entire immediate family on my dad's side. Next year there will be two more girls in the photo. My cousin's widow is pregnant too!

Gram opening her digital picture frame. She kept saying it was scented powder which we usually buy her since Pop passed. Dude do you know how expensive that stuff has got FOR POWDER? My grandfather used to buy it for her, White Linen is one of the only perfumes on the market that still makes scented powder to go with it. It was CHEAPER to buy her a digital picture frame with remote and memory card. I loaded it up with pics of my cousin who passed and Pop.

Ok that isn't that many photos as I thought, I will just add them all to this post!

Two days after Christmas we took a day trip to Mohegan Sun the casino in Connecticut. I had no idea it was so close to us. Having been to Vegas a few times I am a bit biased on size and fancy but I will say it was really nice. I would suggest going for a day. Mind you people can still smoke in some parts which sucks in my opinion but there are places they can't.

We decided after calling and talking to someone to go to a new restaurant there called "Hash House a Go Go" it was farm fresh fun food and it sounded great and they sounded like they could do GF. We talked to the hostess before we put our name in and they assured us again they could and what they could do. We put our named in and they said 10-15 minutes. We waited 45 minute. We were ravenous at that point after driving 1.5 hours there. Once we were seated we noticed the place was EMPTY. I don't know what we were waiting for the kitchen was stocked with people and plenty of servers. I will chalk that up to they have been open less than a week. The hostesses were little bitches. The entire time we were sitting there waiting they bitched about EVERYONE. The customers, the dishwashers, what they were getting paid. They made a HORRIBLE first impression on people too. Wicked entitled bad attitude little girls. Ones mom and dad picked her up when her shift was over. I am guess they were all under 20.

Ok so I ordered chicken and waffles. I have had it before other places and it is always yummy and the description sounded like chicken tenders on bacon waffles. SCORE. It took FOREVER to come at this point we had been in the Casino 1.5 hours and this is all we had done.

It shows up and it is hilariously large. We took pics thinking it was funny. THEN I REALIZED it was boned skinned chicken. I know I know to most people that wouldn't be a big deal. Dude I am a vegetarian who eats chicken. Lame I know. I hate meat. I eat it because I am anemic but I am very particular on how it is. It HAS to have no bones and NO SKIN. retch. OMG it is freaking me out thinking about it. I pulled it off and ate the waffles. They were TERRIBLE.  So Dave's comes and there is a biscuit on it. UGH. We had talked to the server, he had talked to the chef PRIOR to ordering and assured us it was no problem. At this point Dave was scared they would just pull the biscuit off and bring it back. No he can't eat it like that. He is that sensitive. It isn't an allergy it is an autoimmune disease he can't even have a CRUMB. So they bring it back to the kitchen and bring it back out and put it in front of him. It is missing the meat this time. We tell the runner and he goes back to the kitchen. Before he takes a bit we are looking at it and can't tell what the weird little stick on it are. We flag down the waiter. IT WAS DEEP FRIED PASTA. gebsus H. We tell him to take it back and please get out check. Poor borderline diabetic kid is ravenous, getting lightheaded, two bad dishes and hasn't eaten in hours at this point. We paid for mine and left. I flagged down the manager and had a little talk with him. I was very polite but told him this kind of stuff can't happen. I mean we talked to THREE people prior to ordering, a hostess, waiter and chef. One mistake OK but TWICE?? This isn't a joke. We aren't being difficult. This is someones life. Dave was mortified. MORTIFIED. He wanted to crawl into a hole. He wasn't even going to talk to the manager. HELL NO was I not saying anything. So if you have any good issues DO NOT GO TO HASH HOUSE A GO GO in Mohegan Sun. Seriously. 

We ended up finding a Margaritaville which was hilarious because it is everything Dave usually is annoyed by. (Florida themed cheesy) They had a GF menu, listened, were so kind and he finally got to eat. Poor thing. I felt AWFUL. I just wanted to fix it. 

 We spent the rest of what was left of the day (this all took close to 3 hours) and wandered and peopel watched. We had each brought $20 to gamble with. We only ended up using $30 of it and left with $10 extra on top of that in winnings.

Which we then spent on overpriced ice cream. I don't eat ice cream often but they had a sprinkle con. I asked for the smallest serving of ice cream they had. They clearly heard biggest.

This is my "I don't want it" face. Dave the genius he is had a brilliant idea if we are ever in this situation again. He will order ice cream we both like, I will get my gluten filled waffle cone WITHOUT ICE CREAM and he will give he the 3 bites of his to put in that I really want. I just really wanted the cone! That is why I married this man. (our 10th wedding anniversary was in December. Insane right?)

Did you have a nice holiday? Santa bring you anything fun?

Santa brought fun things for Wee. (man kid stuff is so damn cute)  From top bibs my mom made and clothes from her too. Tiny shoes from "auntie" Becky and thifted wonder of color from "auntie" Emily in Canada. I swear Canada has the best thrift finds. She always sends me such beautiful colorful stuff. Note the monkey butt romper! and tiny Royal Tenenbaumsesque dress!


laniza said...

Happy New Year! I've been to Mohegan Sun and wasn't super impressed either. Then again, I'm not a big gambler. Pretty soon, 'wee' is going to have a bigger wardrobe than you :).

byhillary said...

She will in like two outfits. I can't even TELL YOU how much she got at my shower. We got mostly clothes. It was insane the amount.

HollyElise (TropigothMama) said...

Aww, Miss Boo had a monkey-butt romper when she was itty-bitty! Too cute :)