Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dove® Winter Care

I was recently asked by the lovely people at Dove® to try their Winter Care Body Wash. I was intrigued by the idea of a "winter wash". I know in winter as I have said before my skin gets DRY. Not dry with a lower case, we are talking full capital letter DRY.

Dove® Winter Care Contains Nutrium Moisture® to nourish deep down and help heal dry skin. The  mild formula reverses the signs of dry winter skin. It is available October through March. (keep your eye out for Summer Care come April!)

So the husband and I gave it a try.

First thing I noticed was how thick it was. We are talking heavy duty lotion thick. Which to me is a big plus. I despise runny body wash. I have a bottle of a leading national brand I bought not knowing it was so runny and it sits on the shelf totally neglected because I hate how it pours out and spills everywhere. While Winter Care is thick it isn't greasy. It is smooth and creamy and feels nice applying. I don't even use a scrubby or cloth I just slather it all over my skin. It rinses without a sticky film like some moisturizing ones and leaves my skin soft and kinda dewy. The smell is kinda standard Dove® smell but a little lighter.

Does it really moisturize? Well I have to say yes. While my skin isn't overwhelmingly moist now the biggest thing I noticed after using it for 10 days is I no longer itched getting out of the shower. The itching totally stopped.

When I asked Dave what he thought he said that he also enjoyed how thick it was (he hates that runny one more than I do!) and he also commented on the lack of sticky film like some of the other lotionesque type ones we have tried. He has extremely sensitive skin and used it daily without any issues or rash.

Curious to see how some of your favorite body washes – including Olay – stack-up on the mildness scale compared to Dove®? Head here to put them to the test!

I was provided with Dove® body wash and information about the products by Rocket XL. All opinions are 100% my own. 


Keep Warm (Danielle) said...

I am so dry in the winter too and it makes me crazy! I end up having to slather on body butter immediately after getting out of the bath... which sort of negates the getting clean part. I may just try this!

meet vann said...

yes! i switched to this last summer and ive noticed a world's difference. i was always dry and itchy getting out of the shower. before i was using bath and body works junk with all sorts of scents and stuff you know? it wasnt really doing much for my skin. i love dove!